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      <p>Steel City into a crazy fire can burn for how long?</p><p></p><p>Recently, the price of steel prices soaring, steel market is more popular atmosphere, in the end what is the reason ignite this crazy flames? Recently, the price of coal spiked frequently. According to the analysis by relevant parties, the shortage of coal supply in the Mainland this year was mainly caused by the government’s policy on capacity restriction and was not the outward manifestation of self-clearing of backward production capacity.Cafetera 2B 304 Bobina De Acero Inoxidable En Venta Caliente</p><p></p><p>Raw material prices remain high, billet prices continue to rise simultaneously, pushing the cost of steel to a high level, the national price adjustment operation of the steel mills more frequently, the rate of increase are also above a hundred dollars, in this case, Spot market price can only go up, but the actual transaction can only be like drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge. The company is located in:stainless steel bar 440c stainless steel round bar</p><p></p><p>Up to today, the overall trend has slowed down, affected by the sluggish market transactions, businesses have to wait and see attitude, but this crazy steel market is usually not out of routine, occasion of confusion, the international out of an episode , Beijing time at 2 pm on November 9, the 58th US presidential contest came to an end, the final Republican candidate Trump was elected.Decoration Welded SS 316 Stainless Steel Square Pipe</p><p></p><p>Seemingly this matter has nothing to do with China’s steel, but in the long run, the impact on China’s steel market, there must be 7.7 million tons of steel exports in China, down 1.1 million tons last month, down 14.6%; January-October China’s total exports Steel 92.74 million tons, an increase of 0.7%. October dropped to 7.7 million tons, mainly due to the rapid rise of domestic steel prices, domestic and international prices upside down, the enthusiasm of enterprises weakened exports, leading to steel exports fell too fast. Judging from the import of the past two months, the overall U.S. import of steel dropped, but its import to China increased. Therefore, the future of steel exports or continue to decline, thereby increasing domestic steel supply pressure, drag the current soaring steel prices.china”s inox 304 stainless steel perforated sheet price</p>

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