A “must” tool for dental technician’s work

Take advantage of our experience in application of DLP pico projection technology, MiiCraft provides not only the ability to print accurate and delicate parts but reliable in our customers’ daily production processes. Over 70% of our customers are using Miicraft as manufacturing equipment, therefore, we devoted a lot of efforts on every mechanical design and easy maintenance by customers.

MiiCraft is able to print precision attachment for partial denture, crowns, bridges, veneer, working model and etc. Moreover, Miicraft is flattered  by our customers to be the best companion for dental technicians.

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Here is a Clinical case video of using printed bonding tray for Orthodontic technology.


Investment casting solution

MiiCraft dental solution offers the stable printing materials coming with the constant parameters. It saves the technicians’ efforts in casting work. See various of printed sample in our gallery.

Productivity and flexibility

with MiiCraft, the technician may print twelve models within 3 hours.* It offers the lab owner bigger flexibility in manpower planning. The lab can respond to dentists’ needs more instantly.

* Disclaimer: the number of models in one print plate might vary with the exact size of different models.

Dental Materials for 3D Printing

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