An easy tool for 3D file preparation “Utility”

Utility is a software come with MiiCraft Ultra Series, MiiCraft Advance and Profession Series, it helps user arrange 3D models and build supports, and calibrate for 3D file before printing.

Please see our Demo Video for introducing variety functions of Utility.

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“Utility” is compatible with 3rd parties software

Support .stl, .slc format





MiiUtilityAll-in one software for MiiCraft
-STL models preview and placement
-Generate base and manual support
-Slice STL models to SLC format
-Printing Optimization
-Search and connect to printer
-Printing setting and Select Printing Scenario
User guide
Build ProcessorOptimized for Dental 3D printing
-Solid model preparation
-Add support structure
-Base production
-Making cross section image(slicing Image .png and .idx)
User guide
Pre 3DPCAD/CAM Solution
-Full Mesh Editing Functions
-Slicing Preview
-Add support structure
-Contour-Shape Base
-Dental Application
User guide
1,2...3D PrintInterface made for CAD designer
123D print
-Easy To Use
-Print Non-Unioned Objects
-Selection of Table Platforms
-Multiple Slice Configuration
-Support Generator
-Online Tutorials
User guide

Comparison of slice and support software

Build ProcessorPre 3DP1,2...3D Print
System Requirementabove Win7 & Rhinoabove Win7above Win7
CAD designV
Import FormatCAD or STL...STLSTL
Geo. export formatPNGs, SLCSLCCCW
Slicing image previewVVV
Auto supportVVV
Manual supportVVV
Support parameters settingVVV
Platform adjustableV

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