Productive & High Resolution

  • 4K Resolution: 3840 X 2160 pixels
  • Industrial grade superior UV optics & Light engine
  • No calibration required, low maintenance cost, durable for 24/7 hours production

Active peeling system

  • Resin tank incorporates tilt motion to reduce peeling force during printing
  • Enables efficient peeling of large areas and high viscosity resins
  • Compatible with a wide range of resin types

Heater for Material temperature control

  • Create consistent printing temperature environment
  • Heating up to stimulate the properties of industrial materials

    Material Identification (RFID)

    • Traceability of resin lots, printing platform and resin tank usage, enable medical fields control and management.

    Open material system and software

    • Compatible with diversified materials.
    • Supports integration with third-party CAD software


    SpecificationPrime 4K
    Building size (mm)150 x 84.5 x 120mm
    XY Resolution39 μm
    Z-Layer Resolution5 μm to 500 μm
    Wavelength (LED)385 / 405nm
    I/O (Connection)Ethernet / USB
    User Interface7” Touch Panel

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