Miicraft logo

MiiCraft is a 3D printer brand designed for commercial applications, we design and manufacture 3D printer utilizing Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, and provides related solutions including printing materials and software that can bundle with our printers for better printing experience.

MiiCraft gather different area talents from mechanical engineering, optical engineering and material sciences to create innovative and quality products.

Our R&D history:

-Developed our first desktop DLP 3D Printer and launched it in 2012

-Developed world’s smallest DLP desktop 3D Printer and launched it in 2015

-Developed DLP 3D Printer with most accurate output in 2016

By providing high-resolution, user-flexible 3D Printer, we hope to empower more individual professionals to achieve their career milestones in near future. For business inquiries and cooperation, Contact us at sales@miicraft.com