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    • Benoy
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      Hello  all I am having trouble orienting the model in the print bed.  It automatically takes an orientation 90 degrees to waht I actually want.   I am unable to correct the orientation.  I did try using the modeler window to correct the position of the model on the print bed and then save the stl.  But after slicing when I check the model it shows the wromg orientation.  I think that the model orientation on the modeler window does not position the model for correctly for slicing and for subsequent printing.

      How can I orient the model accourding to my need?   Does any of you guys face a similar problem


    • mark
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      If you have not yet solved this issue or for everybody else:

      If you orient the product to the correct position/rotation, click on the “set” button to fix this setting. You’ll see the value for the shift or rotation changing to zero again.

      Always remember to save and do not use a space in the filename.

      I forgot this once and was also puzzled why it kept going wrong.


    • Edwyn
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      test test

    • Edwyn
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      I use openstl you can download it from sourceforge



    • edwardstein
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      Are those all model prints are available at sourceforge, I am planning to try it.

      “works at

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