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    • alkydes
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      I tried to print taipei several times, but the model was detached from the stage or bed that goes up when print.

      How can I overcome this problem?

      Is there an attaching chemical before print?

    • 3d 4every1
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      I roughed up the metal printbed with sanding paper, that seems to help the adhesion. Haven’t tried chemicals or other methods, any tips from anybody are welcome.

    • pieralberto76
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      The problem is in the teflon film, when it becomes too weak, the models detach after a few layers, you have to change it. You can use a trasparent polypropylene film, such as the kitchen one but a little more thick!

    • kateross
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      Have you tried using vinyl instead, after all the back panel can easily stick to any surfaces while you do the layout. Any chemical adhesive is not good as it will retain and reflect its residue on the front perhaps. Anyway, get some expert advice at so you can have better idea.

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