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      I’m trying to get a Miicraft+ to print properly across the whole build plate.

      I’m using clear resin.

      2 x 60 seconds for base layers

      4 1 cm cubes, 50 um layer thickness.

      Exposure times between 4.5 s and 12 seconds never produce proper blocks on the right hand side of the build plate. They are incomplete and or not formed. Where as blocks on the left side are “overexposed”.

      I have changed the build tank, used new resin and cleaned the glass under the build tank. Exposure looks “brighter” on the left side of the build area, causing over exposure on items that are on that side and lower exposure on items on the right side.

      What are the default settings for the printer?

      How do I set the “gap”?

      Do the optics need cleaning?

      Which filters fit the tubing? Frequently the pump turns on but does not “pump” solution into the build area.

      Thank You

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