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      <p>D-Link DIR-605L cloud routing setup is very simple, is set in the ordinary wireless router is added on the registration process, the upcoming D-Link DIR-605L router is registered to the mydilnk cloud, making it a router in the cloud, to achieve through the Internet management. 1, the D-Link DIR-605L Huawei Hg8245 Gpon Onu Terminal hardware connection: </p><p>: first, the power supply is switched on, the one end of the power adapter into a power device with hole router, one end is inserted into the power socket. Then, connecting the WAN port line, we need to connect the Modem or the broadband network cable to the Internet port of the router. Again, connect the LAN port line, and then use a network cable, one end is connected to any LAN port of the router, and the other end is connected to the computer (desktop, notebook can). Warm prompt: when the power supply is connected, you can see the power indicator light, Internet indicator light and the corresponding LAN port indicator light on the panel. 2, router basic settings, first of all, the computer IP address settings. Here we take the Windows XP system as an example. Right click on the &ldquo ” neighbor online; open the properties, as shown below: </p><p> left click the local connection, “ ” open the properties, as shown below: </p><p>&ldquo on the General tab in the Internet protocol (TCP/IP); ” &ldquo &rdquo, click on the attribute selection;; “ automatic access to the IP address and ” “ automatic &rdquo can obtain DNS server address. As shown below: </p><p> reminder: router default open DHCP function, as long as the above settings is normal, then the computer will automatically IP address parameters obtained by this router. As shown in the figure: </p><p> this computer has been successfully from the router ( on this IP address. Secondly, login to the Huawei Ar513W V3M8 Car Wireless Router management interface. Open the browser, then taking IE as an example, in the address bar enter:, log into the router management interface, the configuration of the router, as shown below: </p><p>WAN, once again, that the Internet port settings. This step is to set the user’s current online type, generally divided into PPPoE, dynamic IP, static IP, PPTP, L2TP and so on. Most of the family users use ADSL or cell broadband, corresponding to PPPoE. Because I’m doing experiments in the company, our company uses the static IP mode to access the internet. Don’t worry too much about their users in the use of what kind of way to access the Internet, because the smart router will automatically detect the user’s Internet type, as shown below: </p><p>: wait a moment, can be seen as follows: </p><p>: in this picture, you can see the router has successfully detected the current I the Internet is a type of static IP, has been successfully connected to internet. If the family is ADSL or broadband users, it will pop up the PPPoE settings interface, as shown below: </p><p>Note: if the user accidentally lost the username and password, you can consult with broadband access providers. If the user does not want to automatically detect the Internet router type, can also be manually set, as shown below: click on the </p><p>“ &rdquo manually set; after, will appear below the interface, the user can also be set according to the type of internet. </p><p>: don’t forget to &ldquo &rdquo to save the settings;. Click on the </p><p>“ to restart the &rdquo, the use of force. But the current default admin administrator password is empty, it is not safe, if the neighbors using the wireless network can also be set on the router, so we need to add a new admin password, click on the maintenance tab will be shown below: </p><p> enter a new password, click on the &ldquo ” save settings;, the router will automatically restart for the changes to take effect. User name can be changed if the user is willing. When entering again, you need to enter the username and password. If there is no password, there is no permission to modify the settings of the Pon Onu Huawei Ma5623A Gpon Dslam.</p>

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