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    • Patrick
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      I’m having a great time with the printer, and it is working well. I have two questions:

      1) I am getting bubbles in the models; not sure where they come from. They tend to be in vertical streaks, like they initiate/nucleate in a spot, then keep forming in that spot as the model formed in the resin bath. There are two patterns: very fine (less than 1 mm) bubbles that meander up the model, and large (~2 mm) bubbles, that appear in the model, then all seem to go away at the same time (when the printer withdraws the resin, and refills?).

      2) because the models are printed in layers, the surface has very fine (100 um) horizontal ridges. Is it possible for the stage to be moving continuously, so that the surface is smooth? Or at least to move 100 um up, during the 7 seconds it takes to cure that slice? Or to move 50 um up, during the 3.5 seconds it takes to cure 50 um slices?


    • MiiCraft Sales
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      Dear Patrick,
      1) We suggested that you can replace the new teflon film to improve the problemms of bubbles in printing
      2) For our printing, it will start curing 7secs/3.5secs after every move (100micron or 50 micron)

      Miicrat Team.

    • edwardstein
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      A lot of failure to consider when their are bubbles in any print, the issue mostly can be in the resin type followed by faulty printer. _

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