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    • Allen
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      Hello guys,

      I am using magics rp to generate support, with the envisiontec perfactory platform file.

      And is there any platform file for MiiCraft?

      If yes, would someone pls send it to my e-mail:

      Much thx.

    • maesebit
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      Not all the support configurations will be optimal for every print, so the best you can do is read the help file to learn how to configure the automatic support generation to suit your needs.

      What I did is:

      I set the building envelope according the Miicraft Specs

      I ticked in the option to keep the supports generated as stl on exit with a 0.20 to 0.30 thickness

      I  use only point and line supports with high up and down teeth that have only slight contact with the model.

      I configure the export options to export all sliced as .BMP files matching the Miicraft resolution


      Later, all I have to do is, place all the models in the platform, create and edit the supports as desired, place a 43 x 27 x 0.3 box at the bottom, merge all and  export it sliced in the desired thickness as BMP files.

      Finally I batch convert and rename the BMP files to .PNG using Irfanview and edit the .IDX file to match the number of layers and prefix name file.

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