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I could talk to support today (again very helpful 🙂

1) you will never see any thing on the screen since it projects a very dark blue so don’t relay on visuals.

2) if you don’t get any results (printed models) makes sure you screen configuration only displays two screens (your main screen) and number two screen (used by Miicraft)

3) most important (unfortunately not documented) the pico projector within Miicraft can only display  standard SVGA and will need to be set to either 1024×768 or 800×600

i am not sure which of the two resolution is correct  (the support was not specific on this one) … 800 or 1024 both can be set in the virtual TriggerDrive screen … just try both if the rest of you printer works 🙂 or MiiTeam will give us confirmation on what is recommended … since it is a pico projector  i believe 800 is a better guess …