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great, but i don’t know how you did the trick … i tried the paper did not do any thing at all exept bending. is the tank removable? in your video it looks removable, also I had to use something stronger, I choose a plastic spoon inserted and slightly apply steady pressure until the block removes so i doubt a piece of paper can apply the same pressure. but that residual hardened raisin is not allways there and why should it be there in the first place? and also the film breaks to easily i had to replace it, since there is no realy documentation on how to do this i probably did it wrong and got a major spill of raisin all over the table (sent you pictures of this) can you please poste more videos on how to do things like:

– how to replace the film in case it breaks (this is what will happen offten)

– what to do when the paper trick does not work (which will likely never do)