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just sharing some insights on my ResinSpill desaster: (the guys at miicraft where very helpfull explaining all the bits, thansk guys!) how ever it si not yet clear why it happened, but here are a few first recommendations:

– i replaced the teflon filter, if you do this make sure you replace it exactly the same way as it was before (i did but it spilled) … glass under the teflon film, after the replacement observe the printer!! and put it on top of news-paper or on a surface you can clean easely …

– but!! it is not clear if this is the reason for the spill i had! (this is not a normal case!)

– observe the printer!!! don’t let it run on its own!! so you can prevent large spills (probably after one or two prints without spills it will probably be ok for ever)

– no spill happened when i got the printer so the cause could be the replacement so it could be the two release screws have to be tightened more or to the maximum! (this is not sure, this is just an assumption)

– take your time never rush and try to keep smiling even if you fail! (and if you are not sure ask support thes guys are really helpfull)

– in my case resin got under the teflon-film and onto the mirror (very bad according to miicraft), this is puzzling the tech’s at miicraft, so this is definietly not a common case …

– both the glass and the teflon film can be cleaned with alcohol (be carefull with the teflon-film) also make sure to examin it to make sure there are no kracks or hohles.