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MiiCraft 3D Printer

The MiiCraft 3D printer has been specifically developed as a sturdy and robust unit to overcome the limitations of low-cost

16 9 月, 2012|News|

MiiCraft Blue Resin

Miicraft Blue Resin (500ml)

16 9 月, 2012|News|

Ju Ming’s Taichi

The folks at IMBA 3D provide us with 3D model that they created from the famous artist Ju Ming's Taichi series collection.

13 7 月, 2012|News|

1st MiiCraft Unit Complete

Yes! Our we have successfully build our first unit. Going to start the function tests and if everything goes well, we can start shipping to next week ^^

3 7 月, 2012|News|

MiiCraft ID Arrived !

Finally our ID parts has arrived. We're quite impress with our vendor's performance. The ID parts for the MiiCraft 3D Printer looks pretty close to our render model. We will update again when our Post Curing Device come in.

22 6 月, 2012|未分類|

Antique Ring

Thanks to our friend in Canada, we’re going to give wax casting with the our printed model.

21 6 月, 2012|News|

UFO Patrol Board Game Miniatures

We print out one of the Board Game Miniatures for the guys at UFO Patrol Video & Board Games.

18 6 月, 2012|News|

Paypal Hassel

Sigh.., ran into a bit of a bump.

16 6 月, 2012|News|

New Print of the day ~ Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa - with MiiCraft 3D Printer

14 6 月, 2012|News|

3.6mm Metatron

Our most detail model yet, we are able to print out a 3.6mm (diameter) Metatron with our MiiCraft 3D Printer ^^.

12 6 月, 2012|News|