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Printed with a Delicate and Smooth Ceramic Texture

No sintering required, withstands temperatures up to 280°C.
Ideal for custom mold applications.

MiiCraft Recommended Material:

BV026 (Ceramic HDT280)


Minimal Deformation, Withstands Temperatures up to 80°C

Suitable for industrial parts and low-temperature injection molds.

MiiCraft Recommended Materials:

BV024 (Toughness HDT80)
BV027 (Nylon-like)


Flexible Material for High Deformation Capabilities

Ensures the finished product can adapt to various external shapes and changes.

MiiCraft Recommended Materials:

High Resilience Material: BV033
Rubber-like Material: BV031


Ideal for Rapid Prototyping and Product Development

Ideal for rapid prototyping, industrial parts, and product development validation.

MiiCraft Recommended Materials:

BV002A (HD Black)
BV003 (Beige)
BV005C (Caramel)
BV008 (Transparent)


Castable Material

Produces finely detailed and smooth finished products suitable for casting, with no residue.
Ideal for jewelry wax patterns and mold design inspections.

MiiCraft Recommended Materials:

BV013 (Brown)
BV011B (Red)

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