To help 3D printing become more convenient and user friendly, MiiCraft’s partner, Materialise, who powers MiiCraft Builder on the MiiCraft+, provides you with an automated file repair tool with Ideas Worth Making.

Desktop 3D printers have evolved rapidly and will continue to do so. Your MiiCraft Printer strongly illustrates this with a nice and sturdy design, producing high-quality prints for a smart price. Yet over 70% of support questions are related to problems from bad input models.

We’re happy to help you, but together with Materialise we also want to make sure you have the right tools available so you can skip this step and get to printing even faster. That’s why we’re partnering with Ideas Worth Making to provide you with free top-notch file repair software.

Ideas Worth Making is currently testing a new file repair tool available on their website. Take part in this experiment and discover the automated file repair tool. Enjoy early-access to upload, convert to STL, analyze and repair poor quality files for free.

We’re all familiar with great applications of 3D Printing, whether it is to help the blind see or make education more engaging. Now Ideas Worth Making wants to make sure your prints come out the way you expect, so you can make a difference by 3D Printing ideas worth making.

Go to to get started right away!

Looking for an idea worth making? Have a look at the hundreds of ideas of teachers that would allow them to make their classes more engaging here.