Hello MiiCraft Users!

Please be informed that we have just released a series of software update for  MiiCraft 125 series and MiiCraft+. Please download the software for enhancement.

Release Version:

Download MiiUtility V3.4.3

Download MiiController FW V1.3.2

*MiiUtility V3.4.3 is matching with MiiController V1.3.2, please update at the same time for optimizing printing performance.

Summary of updates: MiiUtility V3.4.3

(1) Auto arrangement and multiple model arrangement

Auto arrangement enable multiple models spread evenly through the X Y area. And multiple model arrangement enable multiple model rotations, Face down/up, and adjust the scaling factor.













(2) Calculate total volume of models and base













(3) Supporter setting function optimization
-User can apply three basic supporter setting: Heavy, Light, Medium, or adjust the supporter setting and save it for re-use next time.









-Add more supporter shape selections







(4) Cross function (Xsec) optimization
(5) Add Property Setting











(6) Import .STL file => Enable left click+drag the file from outside windows into MiiUtility
(7) Simplify the transform file process












(8) Add estimated printing time









Thank you. Hope you have fun with your MiiCraft.