Hello MiiCraft Users!

Please be informed that we have just released a series of software update for  MiiCraft 125 series and MiiCraft+. Please download the software for enhancement.

Release Version:

Download MiiUtility V3.4.5

Download MiiController FW V1.3.4

*MiiUtility V3.4.5 is matching with MiiController V1.3.4, please update at the same time for optimizing printing performance.

Summary of updates: MiiUtility V3.4.5

(1) Add Power setting

Open MiiUtility V3.4.5, go to Step 3 printing setting. => Edit printing setting














Summary of updates: MiiController V1.3.4

(1) Engineering mode: Add projector brightness testing and calibrate function

– Light(%): At 100% is the existing brightness of light engine. User can set higher brightness or lower brightness for test printing.

– Calibrate: Reset to default brightness.












(2) Printing record and update firmware

– Add record of stop printing, stop time, stop layer