Hello MiiCraft Users!

Please be informed that we have just released a series of software update for  MiiCraft 125 series and MiiCraft+. Please download the software for enhancement.


Release Version/Summary of updates::

1. MiiUtility ver 3.1.6 Download

(1) Add Printing Scenario Setting : Edit printing setting and save as .mps file for different scenario

(2) Individual layer setting : Set different peeling mode for different layers


2. MiiController Firmware ver 1.3.1 Download

(1) Use with MiiUtility ver 3.1.6

(2) Input .mii file converted from MiiUtility 3.1.6, the printing parameters will automatically apply

(3) Add Offset function : Interrupt printing, and continuous printing from specified height


3. MiiSlicer ver 1.08 Download

(1) Add full base function

(2) Revise Cross section function

(3) Add grid line


Hope you have fun with your MiiCraft.