Hello MiiCraft Users!

Please be informed that we have just released a series of software update for  MiiCraft 125 series and MiiCraft+. Please download the software for enhancement.

Release Version:

Download MiiUtility V3.2.7

Download MiiController FW V1.3.2

*MiiUtility V3.2.7 is matching with MiiController V1.3.2, please update at the same time for optimizing printing performance.

Summary of updates: MiiUtility V3.2.7

(1) All in one function from layout to printing control, including below features:

STL models preview and placement/Generate base and manual support/Slice STL models to SLC format/Search and connect to printer/Printing setting and Select Printing Scenario3-2-7-all










(2) Add Multi-Supporter function





(3) Add Symmetrical Support shortcuts: Ctrl+ Click to create symmetrical supports









(4) Add pre-supporter view: The yellow line is the pre-supporter, help user build supports at accurate position. Pre-supporter will align with grids.3-2-7-grid-move










(5) Add Import and Export of supporter setting3-2-7-support-setting










(6) Add surface polishing choice











(7) Add border of printable area: The yellow line is the border of printable area3-2-7-printing-line

(8) Add choices for base : Square, Rectangle (Turn 90 degree)

(9) Modify: Full base align with printing platform



(10) Manual IP search: User key in IP address, as a compliment function for searching printer






Hope you have fun with your MiiCraft.