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(2016.6.7 Taipei) MiiCraft, a solution provider of 3DP system, software, and materials, announced the release of its 125 series professional DLP printers. Building on Digital optics technology and modularized mechanical design, 125 series add a variety choice of specifications to MiiCraft printer family including different types of building volume, resolution and wavelength (table 1). 125 series provides high precision printing enthusiasts with greater production volume, flexible choice of third party resins and applying to more printing applications.

New functions and key features of MiiCraft 125 series include:

– High precision

Equipped with excellent optical system designed for 3D printer, the 125 series has Full HD XY resolution ranging from 30um to 65um. The minimum structure it can print is 0.2 mm diameter cubes and 0.03 mm diameter apertures, its accuracy is even better than high-end laser printer while at a fraction of the cost.

– Large building volume

The larger building volume enables efficient output and the possibilities for more applications. 125 series obtained its name from the biggest building volume, up to 125mm*70mm building platform, which is able to contain more than 50 rings in one plate, and 7 dental arches in one plate as well.

-Compatible to the wide range of photopolymer resins

The mechanical design of 125 series is modularized for 365nm, 385nm and 405nm wavelength light engine, which covers the standard wavelength for curing photopolymer resins.

-Model Correction and Real time print status monitoring

Enable surface smoothing, edge enhancement and blurring, auto calibration and real time print status monitoring, stop / check function, MiiCraft software in another way helping users to achieve more accurate printing.

-Flexible printer control

Enable flexible control of printing parameters settings. Users can set curing time, layer speed, peeling steps and other parameters with simply and intuitive interface.

Table 1.

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New 125 series is ready for sell, you may find MiiCraft’s local partner for trying sample or go to MiiCraft’s website for more information.