MiiCraft has release an update to our MiiCraft software (V06).
Some of the improvements in MiiCraft Suite Version 6:

1. After slicing the models, automatically added base to strengthen model structure based on your model design.
2. Automatically check the RGBMask file to determine if it matches 3D printer or not.
3. Add clean process function in MiicraftPrinter for user to clean stuck model with scrapper in the reaction tank.
(MiicraftPrinter -> Other -> Start clean process)
4. Add projector image location check function.

Update Instructions
1. Make a copy of the RGBMask file in your original MiiCraft root folder
2. After download updated software, unzip and run easy setup file
3. New software will create a new root directory folder, you may delete the previous MiiCraft root directory folder after installation.