We are glad to announce that MiiCraft+, the improved model which is incorporated with all we have learnt from users and production, is available in January 2015.

MiiCraft was first released in 2012, and we have collected a lot of feedback and suggestions from users and the team in past two years. We have tried to answer different requirements with the second generation: MiiCraft+.

On top of the sleek outlook, MiiCraft+ is also more user-friendly with new interfaces from both the new software and the improved hardware design.

From the software perspective, we have worked with Materialise, the leading provider of additive manufacturing software and of sophisticated 3D printing solutions, to deliver MiiCraft Builder working on MiiCraft+. MiiCraft Builder seamlessly integrates the Materialise Builder Processor with an intuitive front-end solution by transferring 3D model data to MiiCraft+ for 3D print jobs. Slicing and automatic support generation are now easier and faster than ever. On the other hand, the new user interface on browser also gives users the better control over printers by wire or wireless access and printing process monitoring.

On the other hand, there are also quite a few new features on the hardware design. With mini-PC built-in, MiiCraft+ can work independently without connecting to a PC or notebook. Users can access printers wirelessly by PCs, notebooks or even mobile phones via a router. Z-axis accurancy is now open for adjustment from 5 micron to 200 micorn and guaranteed to 30 micron with MiiCraft own resins. Printing and curing working simultaneously, close resin cabinet, and more robust chassis design also make MiiCraft+ a more efficient and productive tool.

To fulfill the demands from different applications, such as jewelry design, dentistry, research work required high accurancy on the print-outs, we believe MiiCraft+ can better facilitate more usages with different requirements. Please find more information about MiiCraft+ on our website or feel free to send us your questions via email.

We hope you like MiiCraft+ as much as we do.