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Hey Maesebit! here you go

– the layers are images (PNG) with only black and white … you can paint on them. However this is allot of work considering that for a 5cm statue you need 500 layers at 100 micron thickness …

i made a little simple software supporting the manual painting of supporting structures. i tried the automatic stuff, but you endup with allot of pollution in your model, that is why i turned to manual structure painting.

the process is simple, just travel up to the layer you want, add a supporting dots, presse generate and the dots are automatically painted in all layers bellow the one you choose.

in a second step, connect the dot every 10th layer, make sure they are not in one line (think more of an eiffel tower this will give them better solidity)

removing them is a little like velkro, they become crisp and easy to remove 🙂

i have tuned the size already so they are as thin as the printer would allow 🙂

the tool is a java programm, just download the jar file and doubbleklick it (any os will do)


just let me know if you need any help of if you find bugz 😉