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Maybe you’ll find it easier if you do all the proccess using the Miicraft suit and use the B9 software only for adding the supports.


Just place the stl model in the model editor, center it and save it as usual. Slice it as usual using the Miicraft Slicer and save it in whatever folder you want.


Now open the B9 software, click on “Edit”, and now click on “File>Import images”. Go to the folder where you saved the slices and open the first slice in the folder. The B9 soft will open all the batch automatically.


Next, change the values you see on the window:

-Job Name: The same you gave to the project before

-XY Pixels: 56

-Z Layer: 50 or 100


Good, you are ready to start adding the supporting structures. Just click on the 4th icon on the top and the editing screen will show up. From there you can draw freely on each layer to retouch layers if needed, or enter the support mode by clicking on the button on top of the window. In the support mode you can select different support shapes from the “tools” menu, and you can also change the size on the supports by clicking “shift key”


Once you are happy with all the supports added, just close the window and click on “File>Export images”. Choose the same folder where the original slices wehre.


Now you have in the same folder the original slices in .png format, and the edited one with supports in .bmp format. All you need to do is edit the .idx file in the folder to match the new slices as follows:


Prefix: (if you used the same name for the project you only need to add “_” at the end of the name

Ext bmp

Model_Start 6

Model_End (Whatever number the last .bmp slice shows next to the project name)

Base_Start 1


Now print as usual.



PD: Huge thanks to Mike Joyce for his software.