Dental Casting investment material suggestion
Model name: Neirynck & Vogt Z4

1. Burnout : Shock heat ( rapid fire or rapid cast )
The cylinder can be put direct in a hot furnace at end temp. indicated by the alloy manufacturer with a maximum of 900° C ( 1.650° F ) ( and then eventually take the temp. higher ) after minimum 30 min. of bench setting but also hours or days after setting. The time the cylinder should remain at end temp. depends on the largeness of the cylinder and should be between 30 min. (3 ring) and 50 min. (9 ring). Holdtime + 15 min if lower temp. then 850°C.

2. Burnout : Normal preheating ( over night )
From 0° C (0° F) to the end temp. at 7 to 9° C (40 to 50° F) / min. with holding time at end temp. between 30 and 50 minutes.
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Jewelry Casting investment material suggestion
Model name: RANSOM & RANDOLPH Plastic










Metal pouring temperature will vary slightly depending upon particular alloy used.
Flask casting temperature will depend upon the type of casting. Specific temperature please refer to the link.