Plant hardier varieties, like Hidcote and Munstead, in zone 5 and even 4. Fragrant purple, violet or white flowers will attract bees, but you’ll enjoy the lovely fragrance in the landscape as well. Start off spring with a burst of color in the landscape and nectar for the bees. Top Ideabooks. There are so many options from ground-hugging varieties great for ground covers to more upright types for perennial and mixed borders. Planting a diverse array of flowers for bees has been shown to help bee colonies thrive and stay healthy. Calendula: Also known as pot marigold, this flower has a long history of helping others out. Deer and rabbits tend to leave this plant alone. Grow some of these top 10 flowers for bees, as recommended by London bee-keeper Camilla Goddard. These are 10 of the best flowers for bees. Bonus! The yellowish white and orange petals were once used to flavor soups and stews. Heliotropium arborescens, Zones 10 & 11, annual elsewhere. Beekeepers have long known that certain varieties of flowers attract bees more than other varieties. 10 Flowers That Attract Bees to Your Garden There’s a lot of talk about bees today. There are cultivars that squirrels tend to leave alone. Urban beekeeping is all the rage, but what does the honey taste like? We'll spare you the in-depth science lesson here, but the pollen and nectar from plants and flowers acts like a food source for bees. Bees are extremely important garden bugs that pollinate many of our favorite edibles and ornamentals. Learn about 12 common flowers to plant for the bees. “Earlier in the year the honey tastes quite floral, while later on it develops deeper, barley flavours.”, Cerinthe major was the number one pollen source for honey made by bees in Westminster last year. Native plants are always a great choice for attracting native bees, but many ornamental flowers will also help feed and support the bee population. Create an ideal habitat for bees by planting flowers these helpful garden bugs need to thrive. How to grow plants for bees. Bees pollinate more species of flowering plants than any other insect and can congregate in great numbers when their favorite flowers are in bloom. Spring is especially important to bees when the solitary bees are emerging and need nectar. Because they have good color vision, bees flock to flowers that are blue, purple, white, and yellow. “The important thing is to choose plants with single flowers so they can easily access the pollen,” says Camilla. It is a favorite of not only bees but also hummingbirds and butterflies. Top 10 patio plants for bees. You can eat the cucumber-flavored leaves raw, steamed or sautéed. In this way, you can help not just honey bees, but our unsung native species as well. Petals are used medicinally for the heart. Southern Living Southern Living. Bees are extremely important garden bugs that pollinate many of our favorite edibles and ornamentals. Flowers in winter are a welcome sight for both gardeners as well as for pollinating insects. All these flowers present in my bees farm in Banteay Srie, Cambodia. Plants for Bees the scientific information and another top 10 plants for bees. Appears in. Don’t let the name sway you from planting this bee favorite. 10. Potted plants or those started from cuttings late in the season can be overwintered indoors. Every issue, The English Garden magazine features the most beautiful gardens from all across the UK and Ireland - both town and country plots, big and small. Honeybees love the pollen. This plant reseeds providing years of beauty and nectar in the garden. that pollinate many of our favorite edibles and ornamentals. Find out on this lens which flowers to grow for pollen and nectar that will feed them and help them to increase their numbers. There are many things we can do to make our gardens more attractive to bees.One of the simplest is to grow plants that are rich in nectar and pollen. Top 10 Flowers for Bees. 1. It thrives in cooler temperatures. Why we love it: This plant reseeds providing years of beauty and nectar in the garden. When in bloom, it displays thousands of tiny white flowers that the bees can’t get enough of. In Notting Hill and Kensington, Camilla’s bees collect so much pollen from lime trees she can smell it in the hives. Humans have used it to flavor their stews and soups, and bees still enjoy what calendulas have to offer. This will ensure that bees have a reason to return to your backyard month after month. 2. Clare Foggett Different bees are active throughout the year, so you'll need flowering plants from spring to winter. Top Ten Annual Flowers to Attract Bees to Your Garden. Try Little Tommies (Crocus tommasinianus) if you’ve had trouble with squirrels digging up your bulbs in the past. One of the best-loved plants by bees, Viper’s Bugloss attracts almost all species of UK bees. Planting crocus in bulk will make an even greater impact in the garden. If attracting bees to your garden is important to you, skip plants such as eucalyptus, ferns, and lemongrass. This list only offers a small number of plants that are excellent at attracting bees. Planting both summer and fall blooming varieties will appeal to more bees and you’ll get season-long blooms. Top Navigation. It grows wild as a weed in gardens, vegetable gardens, in landfills, cultivated on plantations. The linden bloom season is quite short, though, but when it begins, it’s quite spectacular to behold. Chives In order to attract bees, chives need to flower. Aster. Bees are truly essential for sustaining our lives. The plants grow 3 feet tall, self-seed and tolerate drought once they’re established.

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