They can help you get … Concrete Steps Treads & Risers. Nitterhouse precast concrete stairs provide a faster, easier and more economical building material for engineers and construction companies. Croom Concrete supply precast concrete products througout the Ireland & the UK. Mono-Crete Step, LLC is a leading provider of precast concrete products, concrete steps, basement entrances & more in Danbury, Stamford, CT. (203) 748-8419. Utilizing lifting slings or fork adaptors the Century steps are easily loaded into pickup trucks or trailers. All of Parsons Products are engineered to meet Ontario’s Building Code. Whether you are creating open risers, partial or closed risers, cantilevers, spiral, or … Precast stairs offer several advantages over other construction methods. The TOP CHOICE For Precast Concrete Steps & Stairs. Carborundum, an abrasive and durable material is mixed with epoxy and cast into extruded aluminum rails which can be cast into precast concrete stair treads. Add to project; A collection of two-piece units for creating attractive, DDA-compliant steps which complement the surrounding landscape. Precast Concrete Steps The first impression of your home is the entrance, so let your stairs make a statement !! Precast concrete stairs, sometimes known as step and risers, we have a wide range of standard steps : 760mm step and riser 914mm step and riser 990mm step and riser 1065mm step and riser 1220mm step and riser 1525mm step and riser 1800mm step and riser 2100mm step and riser. Commonly, you can find 2 to 5 step set precast concrete stairs. As a precast manufacturer, we are constantly finding new ways and techniques to improve the quality of our products. All products go through extensive testing to ensure the highest quality in the industry. ATTRACTIVE – Del Zotto Precast Concrete Steps are Architecturally Designed For Appearance & Strength To Enhance The Finest Of Commercial & Residential Structures. We can also custom make stairs to suit any job. THE NATURAL LOOK - The Textured concrete molds combined with the colored concrete being used when building precast steps gives them such a natural look, it's very difficult to tell if the steps are concrete or real granite, fieldstone, or brick.. We provide the engineered connections, stringers, platforms, and rails. Available from 1 Step Riser to 6 Step Risers High – With or without platform. Stairs & Landings. FeeCast Concrete Products endeavour to ease labour cost on site by manufacturing precast construction elements to aid build cost , planning & programming . Call on Bison Iron and Step in Buffalo, NY at (716) 893-5777. Let say, if you want to use the 2 step set, you need to prepare $18.00. atlas concrete products Atlas Concrete Products is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in a large variety of custom precast products. All Precast Concrete Stairs and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes. Precast Steps . We often find the best uses for precast steps are to replace crumbling concrete steps or to quickly and effortlessly add stairs to new construction. Century Group. Our premises occupy some 65000 sqm, and based in Kliprivier Gauteng, we are well situated to service the Gauteng, and other markets. Precast stairs and risers are an easy choice. Our off site manufacture and low maintenance install make projects much easier and eliminate labour cost significantly . There are a lot of different uses of precast steps. Concrete stairs provide a safe means of … We stock 4’ wide precast steps in white with or without a porch and side entrance steps with several rise/step options. Our precast concrete steps are manufactured from lightweight concrete making handling, delivery, and installation of your step safe, and easy. Precast concrete steel-reinfored treads, durable & non-combustible, easy to install, low maintenance, specifications for wood or steel supports. 5 Tread 36 In Stoop 7 In Rise Precast Concrete Steps Mfg.# 1005736S Sku# 1588722. Concrete Steps 1 Tread Step 7-Inch Rise Mfg.# 10017 48-inch Sku# 472399. We offer stairs in brick, stone and standard concrete, that are available in wide a variety of sizes to accommodate any home.Our installe Buy Now . Precast Concrete Stairs and Landing Design service. All of our concrete stair treads are designed to last through the toughest weather conditions. Step 4: Place The Step On Your Prepared Pad With just one step, set firmly on your pad making sure it is level. The price of precast concrete stairs is only about $100 per step, including labor. Concrete steps are versatile. Precast stairs are particularly suitable to the construction of high traffic stairwells. Using step handling bars or a step handling dolly customers can easily pickup, and install their durable, lightweight Century step. Other sizes of precast steps … Century Group. Buy Now . Concrete stairs provide a safe means of escape in event of fire and can be installed instantly, they are used in every development type where there is a requirement for access and egress. At Pink Precast, we specialize in the fabrication of precast concrete stairs for a variety of applications and building types. The higher the step set … Add lasting curb appeal and architectural style in custom precast concrete products in London and Kitchener; artful and practical concrete steps, porches and landscaping features from J&J Precast in Norwich offer customized solutions for homeowners and building contractors in Southern Ontario. With our designers years of experience, we can offer a design service covering many staircase applications, including creative solutions to unconventional applications. New construction or renovation projects are our speciality, whether your project is in residential or commercial work. Precast concrete stairs are the obvious choice for fire escape stairs. We have a wide range of products for industrial, civil and roads, and commercial uses. Precast Concrete Stairs Specialists. Preformed concrete steps allow builders to install steps without creating precision molds. Precast Concrete Stairs can be placed along with Precast Concrete Flooring giving immediate safe access to upper floors quickly and efficiently. Available in the popular Conservation X, Perfecta and Saxon finishes and a variety of sizes as standard, with bespoke riser options available on request. As the leading manufacturer of precast concrete steps in the U. S., Century Steps® provides the most innovative and durable concrete steps. Precast Concrete Steps that Support all Tastes and Budgets A.J. A good option to assure placement and leveling, is to mix some concrete patch into a putty and spread along the base of each step. Precast Cement Products specialized in textured and coloured bricks and blocks and boasts with a range of 14 different shapes in a variety of stunning colours to choose from. Precast concrete stair, made up of reinforced concrete is one of the best options to eliminate the trouble of adjusting the number of steps, rise, run and width of each stair flight. What I like about precast concrete steps. Parsons Precast is a manufacturer of precast concrete steps and metal railings. Our product line includes both commercial and residential steps and rails, septic tanks, basement entrances, retaining walls, utility products, road dividers and more. CCP (Colin’s Concrete Products) specialises in precast concrete manufacturing. Buy Now . Concrete Steps 2 Tread Step 7-Inch Rise All precast stair and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes. All precast concrete stairs and landings have cast in lifting pins for ease of installation. Since opening our doors in 2006, our range has grown to a vast array of products. We are located in Co. Cavan and are a family run business . Pacific Stair Corporation's 400 Series Precast Stair System is a hassle-free and economical solution for apartment building stairs. Precast Stairs can be placed along with Precast Concrete Flooring giving immediate safe access to upper floors quickly and efficiently. The Precast Concrete Steps have a 7″ riser height and a 12″ deep tread. Carey Precast Concrete Steps are designed for appearance and strength to enhance residential and commercial structures. Shipped complete and ready for installation directly from the manufacturing facility, they minimize onsite staging and construction waste. Century Group. Concrete Steps 4 Tread Step 8-Inch Rise Mfg.# 10048 36-inch Sku# 438119. In high traffic areas such as public transit such as Greater Vancouver’s Skytrain stations, the nosings may be required to be more visual. ECONO Rib and Block is a member of the Civilworks Group of companies, collectively servicing the civils, building, and engineering sectors. They are available as: A single precast unit containing all the flights and landings; Common uses include: Precast Concrete Steps are available in widths of 4, 5, or 6 feet, 1 to 6 risers, with no landing, 24″ landing, or 48″ landing. The precast concrete stairs price is also differentiate based on the step set you want to use. Precast Concrete Stairs. Flood Precast Concrete Stairs are an ideal solution. ECONO Rib and Block has a long history of more than a decade of supply to the building sector. Preformed concrete steps are poured in a temperature- and moisture-controlled environment which makes them less susceptible to cracking due to moisture trapped in the concrete. We will guide you to finding the right product for your new stairs or replacements including open and closed risers. All Precast Stair and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes. THE MULTIPLE WIDTHS - The standard widths for precast stairs varies from 3 feet wide to 8 feet wide. Simcoe offers many different design options for precast concrete steps as well as railing and finishing options. Our Concrete steps will provide decades of solid, durable, appealing entry to your home or business. Typical Stair Case Configuration: Key Benefits: Self-compacting concrete provides a high-quality finish Precast Concrete Stairs As stair treads and risers must often conform to a specification, code, or design, Puget Sound Precast is expert at creating the right product to suit the job requirements. Spancrete provides a quieter, lower maintenance precast stair and riser system than wood or steel and installs more conveniently then cast in place concrete. You can use them as interior or exterior basement access. Our staircases are manufactured in either steel or timber bespoke moulds. Concrete form steps. We can offer straight flights with separate precast landings or flights with integral top and bottom landings. For over six (6) decades Century Steps® has provided the highest quality precast concrete steps to provide a safe and attractive entrance to homes, businesses, temporary buildings, pre-manufactured homes and a vast array of industrial applications. When replacing an existing staircase, expect to pay between $400 and $700 for removal first. Our precast concrete stairs are the ideal choice for parking structures, as well as for use in combination with precision-manufactured precast and prestressed concrete plank NiCore on all types of buildings. They are based in Pinetown. With two or more steps, set your precast riser in place then place the steps down.

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