The first step in getting your live bait ready to go is determining which size and kind of catfish you are targeting. Hook the head one-third of the way down the head, starting from the mouth. [35] Fishermen are sometimes able to use polarized sunglasses to see through water and find bluegills' spawning beds. You don’t need anything too large to attract the trophy-size blue catfish or even flatheads and channels. The midsection works well for attracting catfish because it contains internal organs and is full of blood. It’s safe to say that fishing line is important. Consider Live Baits for Bluegill. Two hook rigs also work well for larger live baits. One such piece of live bait that has proven to be effective at catching species like bass and catfish is bluegill. Bluegill is especially well known for their bait-thieving antics, so it’s easy to lose your fish if you’re asleep at the wheel when it bites. If necessary, you can use your thumbs to help get them to fall off. One of the best baits for large fish like catfish and bass is smaller fish like bluegill. For channel catfish, using bluegill as cut bait is one of the best ways to catch them. Let’s have a look at some of the key tips for learning how to use a Bluegill as live bait. However, we have seen live Bluegills work well as bait for catching large Bass in both locations. The best catfish bait for each catfish species made simple. This also depends on your goal. Live bait works great but lures are also effective if you fish them properly. Yes, it can be a bit creepy to hook the head and cast it out but the catfish love it, and it’s known to grab the attention of some of the trophy size catfish. As we discussed earlier, catfish will feed on dead and rotting fish and animals … What works best might always be up for debate, but I say what works best for you is what's most important. But the truth of it is these factors are extremely important for ice fishing success. Make sure to check all the rules and regulations before using live bait to avoid any penalties and added frustration. It’s one of the best catfish baits you can use. This doesn’t mean dead bluegill or cut bait won’t get the job done. Some of the biggest Blue Catfish and large Channel Catfish are usually caught with cut bait. Example: My brother lives in North Carolina and got caught using live bluegill. How do we catch cut bait or live bluegill for catfishing? Off the water, he enjoys blogging and sharing his favorite fishing tips & tricks that he has learned over the years. One warm summer morning, somewhere amid the daily Tom Sawyer-meets-Indiana Jones adventures of my youth, I spotted a bunch of bluegill darting in and out of the shadows of a floating dock. An easy to follow guide to the best catfish baits for blues, channels and flatheads. However, if you want to target massive flatheads or blue catfish, you’re going to need a lot of bluegill to use as bait. Please be sure to always check regulations for using live bait before proceeding. However, producing quality results with using Bluegill as live bait isn’t as simple as just hooking the fish and casting it out. You will want to hook the Bluegill in a way that keeps the fish swimming for a longer period of time. The reason that using live Bluegill as bait can be illegal if because of the risk of bringing an unwanted species into a new environment. That way, no matter where you are, or your current circumstance, you know how to obtain a solid bluegill bait for your fishing trip.. I’ll discuss all of the best options that I have tried, and tell you why you might, or might not, want to use each one. Unlike worms and minnows, stink bait only appeals to catfish. The cereal serves as a binder that gives the bait the proper consistency. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Options two requires a little more work but typically works out to be a tad more fun. Bluegill Bait Buying Guide. This is how I hook live bluegills, sunfish, and gizzard shad for large Flathead and blue catfish. They help control the habitat and overall fish population. Catching a large number of these smaller fish could take a long time with a pole and hook, not to mention the risk of damaging or killing the fish when removing the hook from its … We receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'catchandfillet_com-box-3','ezslot_6',109,'0','0']));The two most important elements when fishing with live Bluegill as bait is that the fish is able to remain alive for a long period of time and that it closely resembles the natural swimming motion of a Bluegill. Catfish prefer their meals bloody, so this technique will help to attract the big ones. link to TOP 9 Best Catfish Rods and Reels in [year] | Buying Guide with Reviews & FAQs, link to TOP 9 Best Fishing Lines for Catfish | [year] Reviews & FAQs. In this guide, we will cover some of the best natural baits and artificial baits for catching bluegill and other panfish. They aren’t those pickiest fish, so they will actually bite a lot of things. I prefer to fish a live bluegill suspended under a slip bobber, but you can also fish a bluegill hooked in this manner on the bottom ( dead line ). The downside to this method is that the bluegill tends to fish towards the surface of the water. He got a $500 fine because you cant use game fish as bait in NC. Some of the biggest Blue Catfish and large Channel Catfish are usually caught with cut bait. De-Scaling is going to be step number 1 with most live bait before it’s ready for use. Cut bait is nothing more than a dead fish cut into pieces, filets or chunks and used as fishing bait. It’s one of the best catfish baits you can use. I salt them down to preserve them. To keep things simple and easy, it’s recommended to just always chunk the meat once you have it prepared properly. You can find a link below which we feel is the best artificial bluegill lure, available on Amazon. Cut Bluegill for Bait. For new catfishing videos each weeks subscribe to the Catfish & Carp YouTube channel. Cut bait literally means that you are using a cut piece of a fish as bait. We will dive into this later in the post, but it’s important to understand the laws and regulations to avoid issues with DNR. You have several options, but these are the most common you will frequently see. Today, you’ll learn some tips on how to use bluegill as live bait in different ways. This will provide you with two pieces of bait. A decent rod and reel are the backbone of any decent fishing setup, especially when fishing for powerful species, like catfish! Having these baits on hand will land you more fish if you are after Bluegill or any other panfish. Either way shouldn’t take you long to get results. Reply. However, if you add giant bluegill addicted to the tail, placed 1.5 meters under a bobber, these big catfish will rise from the ground to explore. Many different kinds of bait work well for fishing bluegill. So, if the lake or river you are fishing has a large population of bluegill then cut bluegill will probably be your best bet to use as bait for blue catfish. Preparing the Bait, You Still Need to De-Scale and Prepare Your Live Bait, Don’t ignore the Head and Beady Eye Balls, Pay attention to DNR Laws Before Using Live Bait. Absolutely. Chicken Liver. For blue catfish the best time of year would be winter and spring. Using bluegill for catfish bait is simple and effective. However, if you add giant bluegill addicted to the tail, placed 1.5 meters under a bobber, these big catfish will rise from the ground to explore. It’s your only link with the fish. This pulling motion forces the Bluegill to swim sideways, which makes the fish appear injured to a hungry bass in the area. Using bluegill for catfish bait can certainly increase the odds of catching the bigger catfishing strolling beneath the water surface.Is it worth using? The filets typically won’t stay on the hook very well and don’t have any real added value to the bait. Catfish dip baits are usually in a liquid or paste form. Chunks will always work better than using large filets for catching catfish. Not every bluegill bait is available to us at all times, so it’s helpful to know a little bit about all the best options. You can use live bait like panfish worms, night … We have seen live Bluegill work extremely well for big Bass. Other options for blue catfish bait include cut suckers, bullhead catfish and madtoms (however ensure the fish you are using for bait is legal). The head is one of the most desired pieces of the live bait you can cast out. They are the main tool of our craft, so we’ll want the best we can... TOP 9 Best Fishing Lines for Catfish | 2020 Reviews & FAQs. The bluegill itself is also occasionally used as bait for larger game fish species, such as blue catfish, flathead catfish and largemouth bass. You will want to use smaller size baits since these fish have tiny mouths and small hooks. Bluegills are freshwater fish that are prevalent across North America. Bluegill and other small fish are what catfish naturally gobble up beneath the water surface. catfish prefer their meals bloody, so this technique will help to attract the big ones. If your planning on cutting the bluegill into chunks, it really doesn’t matter what size bluegill you are using because ultimately you will cut the bluegill in chunks that meet your desired expectations. Disclaimer: This will provide you with two pieces of bait. This holds especially true when targeting large blue catfish and flathead catfish. [Tweet “The oilier the fish is the better catfish bait it will be.”] How To Prepare Cut Bait For Catfish. My favorite flathead catfish baits are bream ... the resivoir upstream. We will cover the ins and outs and pros and cons of using bluegill for catfish bait in this post and provide you with some of my top tips and recommendations for using the bluegill effectively and efficiently. You can catch it yourself. It’s one of the best catfish baits you can use. This will depend a little bit on the kind of fish you plan on using for your live bait. It didn't hit me that live would be best for blues. With half a cup of flour, a little tap water and some diligent spoon action, I proudly whipped up a palm-sized portion of bluegill bait. Thanks again. Crickets - my favorite bluegill bait. One of the best baits for large fish like catfish and bass is smaller fish like bluegill. Cut bait literally means that you are using a cut piece of a fish as bait. To help you out, we’ve broken down a buying guide so you know what features you need to look for in catfish bait. Absolutely. Live Bluegill (sunfish) – Best catfish bait for ponds. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Understand the laws in your area to avoid having any conflict with the authorities. Crickets and Grasshoppers Along With Other Locusts. Few people would actually think that they may be consuming one of the most unique baits for catfish. … To fix this problem, make a simple dough bait that you cook in your microwave oven.

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