Accurate and Productive

MiiCraft 125 series printer enables high resolution and accurate printing without sacrificing productivity and quality. With its large build platform, it gives the printing enthusiast the ability to print more models in one single printing session or one single high resolution model. MiiCraft 125 series printer is capable building models up to 150*84mm @ 78um or 57*32mm @30um with minimum thickness per layer at 5um. This makes the MiiCraft 125 series printer ideal for jewelry industry, dental industry and micro structure applications.

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jewlery sets 2


From resin to model : Digital Optics Technology

The precision of projected pattern will enormously affect the quality of printed outputs. MiiCraft 125 series utilize DLP technology, the high resolution chip solution, combines with sophisticated optics sets, to project accurate and uniform images to the building platform, and bring out the details of the model.

casting process

Personalization, Digitalization, Localization

3D printing shorten the product development period and cost, enabling new design and customized design been manufactured. With digitalized 3D file, manufacture can happen in any suitable place, reducing the transportation fee. 3D printing brings lots of possibilities to the world.

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Flexible User Control setting for various applications

To let our user explore the best way for different prints, MiiCraft 125 series printer let the user have the ability to control many parameter settings, including curing time, layer speed…and the peeling steps with very simple and intuitive user interface. MiiCraft provides various types resin for printing, casting, and research. It is also compatible to 3rd party resin.

Engineering mode
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