Industrial-grade high-resolution optical engine

  • Innovative light engine with 2560 x 1440 optical resolution
  • 58um printing resolution with incredible accuracy
  • LED lifespan up to 20000 hours

High-speed printing

  • The fastest printing speed can reach 75mm/1hr (General model / layer thickness 100um)
  • 45 minutes to finish a print job for dental model (460 layers/ layer thickness 50um)
  • Save 25-30% time compared to the general commercial DLP 3D Printer

Open material system and software

  • Open to third-party materials
  • Support to integrate third-party CAD software. Compatible to ExoCAD, ChituBox Pro, Formware 3D


MiiCraft ModelsAlpha Series
Building size (mm)150 x 84.4 x 75mm
XY Resolution58 um
Z-Layer Resolution5 μm to 500 μm
Wavelength (LED)405nm
I/O (Connection)Ethernet / USB
User Interface5'' Touch Panel