considering Thermador or Wolf - anyone have any recent exper with both? Ive also been told by the Thermador rep that the new model columns still have some kinks to be worked out. We are now waiting on "management" at Thermador to approve a replacement. No issues w/ any. We aren’t entirely sure why, as their long running 36″ gas cooktop, the SGSX365FS, is a solid workhorse machine. 9,243 Reviews Scanned by Raise5 AI. ... Rank . So I am going again with Thermador, and adding Bosch for some other appliances. We've had it repaired and replaced multiple times over the last three years, but this was the first time it leaked out of the freezer. I feel like I have been thrown out with the bath water. Find something to talk about for a moment (besides your big bad problem with your stove). Pots boil with a beautiful, even bubbling and the flames are evenly dispersed. I got the 30" for both for symmetry- I love symmetry ;) The units flank my range. And we thought having a whole-house generator would protect us from power outages!!! The best double ovens will provide the optimal combination of design, features and overall quality to ensure that they both compliment the vibe of your kitchen, and, of course, make gourmet cooking as easy as possible. If you go with Thermador, be sure you are in an area where they can send out their own techs and not a third party. We basically can't have a conversation while the oven is on and 30 minutes after we finish as it cools down. But really - everything still works and looks really good still too. IF they come in when they now are predicting, I will have waited an entire YEAR for my order to come in. You can find it on Amazon, AjMadison, and Appliances Connection. We agreed. Not knowing the specifics of the thermostat, yes, it is entirely possible they no longer stock parts for a range that is 17 years old. I am replacing a 27 year old kitchen now. You will know What is the best Wolf Vs Thermador Ranges on the market? It cooks well and I love the quick preheat. I understand that after spending $20K on appliances, a breakdown in quality/reliability is disappointing. The Thermador person had no idea what the error was indicating and did not have any idea on how to fix it. I’m not trained on this product!”, Lovely views, display-worthy objects and dramatic backsplashes are just some of the reasons to consider getting out the sledgehammer, An avid home chef answers tricky questions about choosing the right oven, stovetop, vent hood and more, This collection of kitchen pantries covers a wide range of sizes, styles and budgets, Energize your favorite gray shades with pick-me-up accents as fresh as a spring day, Give your kitchen old-fashioned charm with refrigerators and stoves that recall yesteryear — even if they were made just yesterday, Range style is mostly a matter of personal taste. When you store food, food preservation design will contribute significantly to freshness & longevity. The ONLY product I am impressed with. Explore an … Stay very far from Fridgidaire - awful. krbnmom, the repair went very well, we haven't had a recurrence of the issue since it was fixed. Refrigerator/freezer unit was gorgeous for a while....developed streaks in finish that all the remedies suggested by Thermador or online didn't touch. Well, just to be consistent (and since it's been another three years since posting), I have now had my Thermador Pro 30" wall oven and the 36" cooktop for 7 years and all is well! We have not found one appliance store with service who sells Frigidaire or Electro in our area. dept. I do have the Therm microwave. You'll never get satisfaction from them. When you prepare food, temperature control will contribute significantly to the outcome. because we loved the design and even more the supposed benefits of how well they worked. Learn more. Maybe i need to test drive both the Thermador and Miele out and actually cook on them. This is this ovens best selling feature in my opinion. Discover stainless steel and custom-panel refrigerators and freezers that reflect what you love. Microwave also had to have spring in the door-closing mechanism repaired the first week of operates fine now. We purchased 3 Thermador products for a kitchen remodel in Apr 2019 for ~July 2019 Install- Dishwasher (DWHD770WPR/01), wall oven (POD301W), and 36" Pro Harmony Dual Fuel Range/Overn (PRD364WDHU). 30" is pretty roomy, and when paired with either the 24" or 30" freezer, makes quite a statement. In 2019, Thermador updated their wall ovens with a new look and also controls. Baking...forget it, no Good. Convection: The convection oven that comes with a dual fuel range is an excellent feature for bakers. The vent hood motor, installed in 2017, has … DOWNLOAD. I trying to outfit a new kitchen in the next 6 mo. Indeed! While the classic Thermador range and ovens are very popular, their cooktops seem far less so. The Thermador cooktop (27 years old) has NEVER had a service issue, and is still going so strong I am donating it. I have Thermador appliances and will never buy another Thermador. No problems with the dishwasher. Sometimes this is a problem as ice piles high, then when opening the drawer a cube or two falls into a nearly unreachable zone inside the fridge but behind the drawers. those 2 burners cannot be used when the power is out, the other 3 regular burners can. Ihave a Thermador CSO that I love! It’s mounted under counter and toddlers are the reason I didn’t install a microwave drawer, opting for the $200 Panasonic for now. So far they've been very responsive and helpful. Thermador acts like they’re concerned but they’re not. FWIW, I decided to go with BlueStar. Er paid over $3000 for that and they want to send unqualified service people, I.e. Our GE Profile appliances in our prior house had ZERO issues in 5 years and the equipment was 4 years old when we moved it. Most simmer burners allow you to turn the heat down very low and apply a constant heat to the dish being simmered. I am considering buying a new Thermador for our new build. After long hold periods, you have to repeat the entire case load to the new CSR, and in our case anyway, we were told everything from "the replacement is 100% covered under warranty" 3 days ago to "the replacement is not covered - estimated repair cost is $750-$900". I'll never give this company another dollar - overhyped and overpriced. Being someone who works on Thermador/BSH products, I've found that they are one of the better companies I've worked with. It has a 3.5-star rating. Double oven: Replaced element and control panel and had to have it calibrated. Loved everything EXCEPT the refrigerator. So lucky I did not get burned. Ever! That statement negates the value of quality appliances (expensive or not). All they do is have tech change the boards almost every other month. This makes no sense to me, as it doesn't allow you to judge if the dish is simmering properly. Remarkably, they are bright enough to know it. There’s nothing they make that I’d recommend. Granite was removed and cut /polished for $300. Common Pro Range Issues Gas Ranges. Thermador Pro Grand Gas Range PRG486WDG - $11,549. In 2019 Thermador launched a complete line-up of brand-new high-end cooktops with costs features. Replaced with Thermador 6-burner gas range. Appliances would be more like the road; if it's in good condition, the experience & ware on the car will be better vs. bumpy/pot-holed. Customer Service: No joke there are times that I've waited for 30 - 50 minutes to reach customer support. I had chosen a full Thermador package 48" range w/ steam oven (huge selling point), tower fridge/freezer, a dishwasher of some sort and a hood (~$28K). 1. Also refused that it was a warranty issue, even though this happened and was reported first while still under warranty. Thermador doesn't make the thermostats, they are made by a thermostat manufacturer who probably no longer makes the thermostat 17 years later. The second time they looked like they’d just been taken out of the box new. But in my case, the biggest lemon of all was my experience with Thermador customer care. We have a thermometer in the fridge as a result of the first time this happened, but that only helps if you are there to read it and notice the drop in temperature. At this point, I feel like I should start charging Frigidaire interest on my thousands of dollars spent back in Feb 2020 until the day I get my fridge, sometime in 2021. Everything works as advertised and quality is good (especially like the drawers in the fridge -- well designed and built). Main oven still has temperature problems. Crazy. We used a local appliance repair company with a Thermador repair contract. He had to use a coat hanger to open the oven and then leave a piece of twine dangling from the latch.

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