Owned for 3 Months and clear sound with no ear fatigue! I use this for mixing since I don't have a treated room (I use my bedroom). Focal is a consumer and professional audio product company. VERY uncomfortable when wearing glasses!...otherwise would rate 5 stars. The lower the low-frequency response, the stronger and juicier the bass. Focal is a French brand, a world leader in the manufacture of high-fidelity solutions. Great product at its price point. You can hear every little detail as if you were sitting in the studio itself. The Spirit Professionals were soon to follow and were primarily developed for use in studio monitoring and other professional environments. Toller Sound, passt auf kleine Ohren und ist robust im täglichen Einsatz. I noticed it wasn't fitting as tightly on one side - the bottom of the right headphone was off my ear compared to the left side sitting snuggle against my ear. Make sure you get a good warranty on them, but would fully recommend! Not a "Best" Natural or Detailed headphone. (I feel miss to it's discontinue, If the headband crack issue was addressed, It perhaps more-loved product. spiral cable, which extends to a length of 5 metres, and a 1.2-metre long cable are also included. I am a professional audio engineer who does lots of travel. DISCONTINUED . The only shame is that over the 1.5 years I've owned them, and with only careful studio use, cracks have begun to form and now need repair. The sound cups are great but the band that holds them to your head is absolute garbage. These headphones have a beutiful and very detailed sound. As you may know, I think that both Focal Spirit Classic & Professionalare one of the best closed headphones in that price range, and I do own a pair of Classics myself. Great condition, from a pet free, smoke free home and had a good steam clean. A lack of bottom end means referencing is paramount and it will squeeze down on your head after a while of wearing. Focal Listen Professional headphones have 40mm transducers with Mylar / Titanium cones. I can only imagine they will improve with more hours on them. The higher the high-frequency response, the clearer and crispier the treble. Though Focal Listen Profressional is released in 2018, for a Spirit Professional's repleacement, many saying Spirit Pro is more neutral and detailed with sound. Raw frequency response plots show that the Spirit One reliably seals on the head and delivers consistent performance as position changes around the ear. My last product from Focal. Love the sound of these headphones, but the build quality isn’t great... my headphones cracked on the arm, and no longer stay on my head evenly. No piercing, No sibiliance, although there's not any backing or masking. I could never reach a sweet spot in a mix where it would sound good no matter where I listened to. I doubt they will leave this anywhere that other customers can read. After a month and a half of owning these I'm already seeing that they are not super sturdy. Also I should mention the great customer service by Digital ear, The Focal dealer in Sri Lanka. Excellent sound to my liking in a closed can. Number : 6663648000. The sound quality was great. Focal Spirit Professional - headphones with mic overview and full product specs on CNET. One of the best ever! This is ensured by pre-punched recesses, a double zipper and a hardy fabric loop that serves as a carry handle. Great sounding headphones, absolutely love them, but the headband has started to crack on both sides. I have tried many different headphones by many reputable brands, but always felt something missing when changing between audio sources (car/home stereo, in-ears, professional studio monitors...). perfect for starters and pros. This headphone are great the linearity of the EQ line help me find specifics frequencies really easy. Bought for 90$ around (Wassada discontinue sale, but with no warranty). I really enjoy this product. What can i say, I love Focal and these headphones gives me eargasm every time. While I expected to be in the same league with it’s older brother, this headphone was quite a surprise … CLOSED BACK, CIRCUMAURAL PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONES. Focal already have the Spirit Classic and the Professional, each with different tuning, so the Spirit One S adds another style of sound to the mix while keeping the overall physical design quite similar. Available for quick sale, make me an offer!! Search. The fit on the head is too tight. I bought the Spirit Professional headphones to compare albums I like to the mixes I record and they are very true and even sounding. But for me, these headphone are as close to perfection as I think I am likely to get without spending £500+. Excellent sound! Focal did a excellent job entering this market and they want to show us that they’ve been quite busy lately, as they came up with yet another very interesting headphone: theSpirit One S. It is the same price as Spirit One, actually a bit cheaper than it. The latter cable is equipped with a remote cont… Enter Focal's universe. Audio features Sensitivity: 102.0 dB/mW Frequency response m I bought the headphone few months ago , the sound is very very natural ,and I found the headphone is very comfortable.but yesterday I found both sides of the head band connect to the phones was creaked ,I have to contact focal Canada to see what I can do about it. The Spirit One-S. Fantastic sound, depth and definition. The sound on these in comparison is more pure. Why is Focal Spirit Professional better than Grado SR325is? It isn’t that I am not fond of this version, few headphones around this price point can match it in clarity…it is just that I feel like it is intended only to be a filler model: something that bridges a gap or plays to those on a budget for no other reason than to be sold as a cheaper alternative. The Spirit One S (SOS from here forward) are a new addition to the existing Focal Spirit line-up. The highly accurate reproduction of bass frequencies will reveal the smallest defects in the mix, while avoiding acoustic constraints of the workspace. I now use them in my home studio. FOCAL Spirit Professional TECH SPECS. In addition to the Focal Alpha 50, I'd recommend looking at … Sometimes vocal is very-slightly forward and shouty, but It's still very natural and match with "monitoring-using". I'm on my second pair and the only gripe that I have is the durability of the head bar as it keeps cracking at each end. They are the best Pro headphones I own! Very flat high, but cymbals and hi-hat feels a little emphasized. The headband started cracking after a few months resulting in the headphones not sitting tight on the ears. Translates very well. Very smooth and precise sound. However FOCAL was friendly and helpful and replaced them with the later developed model: Listen Professional. Sieht auf dem Kopf gut aus :). After only a few hours of burn in, the Spirit Professional headphones sound natural, open and spacious! Cheers, ... because of the lack of isolation and the Frequency response not being flat enough for me. I'm very happy with my Focal Utopia headphones, they are fantastic. almost perfect for "Pro"s like the naming- Spirit Professional with it's tone neutrality, and even good for audiophiles with it's natural tone balance. Sound isolation works perfectly - when no music is playing I can barely hear my colleagues but when I listen to music there are no trace of sound (noise) from outside headphones. The bass is tight plus you can tell when a mix is not right with these headphones. FOCAL Spirit Professional headphones are part of the Focal Professional series. Mono and Stereo is a magazine in continuous evolution, frequently delivering content most relevant to our readers.The ideas expressed herein are the opinions of the author (expressed under his First Amendment rights) and therefore their value and truth should be determined by the readers for themselves. Mid and Vocal is very clear. The French audio brand Focal is best known in the hi-fi circles for their speakers and in pro audio they’re also mostly associated with studio monitors. Very suitable for general music listening. This company doesn't have a actual phone line you can call to address your concerns. :) Preferably would prefer a bit more low-end as I like my bass sounds, but would not trade that for accurate representation of the music as a whole - overall crystal clear sound quality with no muddying bass. Amazing sounding headphones for studio use. BEST SOUNDING CLOSED HEADPHONES! Share Reply Quote. 14th February 2018 #4. Great product! I was told when I got the last pair that they were manufactured different now and they shouldn't break. High is very pleasant. I always use it when mixing songs. Good build. Recommend for Mix Engineers and Producers. Purchased on sale for $250CAD worth every penny. its been three years (2015) since I purchased these headphones and they still look, feel and sound the same as day one. It's 'Made in France' know-how has been recognized for more than 40 years. The advantage of speakers is that it's easy to measure their response and correct for them. The richness in the high-mid section, the reliable bass response and overall mid presence is perfect. I had to return them twice as the plastic head band that keeps them on your head kept cracking. Amazing, love the sound of this headphones. It will hardly affect both pro-using and audiophile listening, so don't worry. Good enough to Master from. Mono and Stereo | Matej Isak S.P. Headphones sounds great, but they started to crack after 3 months... Great sounding with neutral tonality, great separation, great mid and high, excellent lows. These are no longer available so looking at Listen Pro Reference phones to replace. Decent sound quality with a true closed back feeling.The design however Pure sound. Measurements of the Focal SPirit Classic and Professional are very close, so I'll comment on both sets of measurements simultaneously and highlight differences as needed. they are very accurate when it comes to audio quality, you can hear all the clicks very smooth without having to crank it also very comfortable for the price they are not heavy so take good care of them because they are delicate. I'm a fan! Sensitivity is rated at 122dB SPL @ 1kHz / 1Vrms (which seems fairly optimistic to me), and the frequency response rating is given as 15Hz - 22kHz with no +/- tolerance listed. The Focals certainly do NOT have a big "hump" in the bass frequency response and therefore anyone who loves that bass-heavy sound will likely be disappointed with the clear, balanced sound provided by the Focal Spirit Pros. I got these about three years ago. The extreme care paid to the design of the Mylar - Titanium alloy transducer enabled us to combine rigidity, lightness and high damping properties to preserve the dynamics of the audio signal and to provide remarkably neutral sound without any distortion. Spirit Professional headphones have been specifically designed to meet the expectations and requirements of Recording Studios, Home Studios and Broadcasting Studios.

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