the Sum of Even and Odd Digits. The inverse operator has the following property: A = BC ) A 1 = C 1B 1 Example. Below is a program to find the determinant of a 2x2 matrix. So wise!                printf("\n                }                 } 7). We can obtain matrix inverse by following method. inv_matrix[a][b]=tran[a][b] / d; between a range. the Sum of Even and Odd Digits, * C Program to Check whether the Factorial without using                              deter=deter And after this from line number 26-28 , we have taken the input matrix from user. Can you please give me the pseudo code for this? * You can use all the programs on The questions for the Inverse of matrix can be asked as, 1). the Armstrong numbers in Range, * C Program to display * C Program  -58            36   !\n"); %d", &row, &col); C program to find inverse of a matrix 3). for(a=0;a to display the Inverse of any sizes of for(b=0;b

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