The Advance and Profession series have the largest printing platform among MiiCraft product lines and working with a printable volume up to 255x235x190 mm (125µm pixel size) and 250x140x190 mm (65µm pixel size). This series are driven by high resolution LED light engine with Digi-optical technology for faster printing speed and beautiful printing details, make it perfect for individualized mass production and professional applications.


The Profession series

  • 4K Resolution: 3840 X 2160 pixels
  • Up to 30um accuracy with a printable volume of 120x67x190 mm
  • Open system: Compatible to diversified materials and 3rd parties

The Advance series

  • Dual Full HD Resolution
  • ”Square” printing area enable more productive printing volume
  • Fast printing speed motivated by “Single Pixelized Entire Layer
    Exposure” (>2cm/hr@100um)

Real printing results reflect advantage of high resolution

Utilizes superior high resolution UV light engine to realize stunning printing details and smooth surface from small to big building size.



MiiCraft ModelsAdvance 255Advance 205Profession 250Profession 120
Building size (mm)255x235x190205x185x190250x140x190120x67x190
XY Resolution125 um100 um65 um30 um
Z-Layer Resolution6.25 μm to 500 μm
TypeDual 1080PDual 1080P4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD
Wavelength (LED)405nm405nm405nm/385nm/365nm405nm/385nm/365nm
I/OEthernet / USB / Power in, Adapter: 100~240V AC, 2A, 50Hz/60Hz
Size and Weight82x79x200 cm / 305kg

POLYCURE post curing box (Optional)

An easy to use curing box for Advance/Profession series printer. The curing space can contain the largest printing size of Advance/Profession series printer. It offers three light frequencies for a wide variety of materials with durable high-performance LEDs. Turntable inside, ensure optimum curing quality.


  • Curing space (DxH) : Turntable diameter 40cm, height 33cm
  • Machine dimension (LxWxH) : 62x56x57cm
  • Wavelength : 385-390 / 405-410 / 465-470 nm
  • Voltage : 230 V/50-60 Hz
  • Current consumption : 100 Watts



Dental, Jewelry, Hearing Aid, Medical Devices, Function Parts, Manufacturing, Research.