"The Africanis is the real African dog - shaped in Africa, for Africa," says Gallant. This breed reaches a height of around 50 to 60cm in adulthood, and a weight of roughly 25 to 45kg. Males: Aproximately 23-27 inches, 50-65lbs . In fact, its African heritage goes back 7000 years. It is the native migrant laborers who lived outside of the cities but worked inside of them that are primarily responsible for the post 19th century breed contamination of the Africanis. Sometimes wrongly attributed to starvation; the naturally slender build of an animal and slightly visible ribs are a normal condition of dogs in good health. Good with kids and very social. The Africanis dog isn’t a breed. There is no set physical standard to which one can apply to the Africanis, as it has evolved naturally through time of its own accord. As Gallant pointed out: Also unlike Western breeds, the Africanis does not have a rigidly uniform appearance, although Gallant and … Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers. Africanis Weight. Africanis owner reviews, health, training. The smooth, shorthaired, hard coat is easy to groom. Size and Weight – An Africanis stands at almost 20-24 inches in height and can weigh anywhere between 25 to 45 kgs… In the following centuries valued by South Africa's indigenous populations for their hardiness, intelligence, loyalty and hunting ability the Africanis evolved through the process of natural selection into the endemic hunting dog of southern Africa. These fossilized canines are the direct descendents of the wild wolves of Arabia and India, probably having arrived from the East during the Stone Age with traders exchanging goods with the people of the Nile valley. It’s as African as our soil and has been by man’s side since as early as 570 AD when it roamed the Southern African plains with local Khoi- and Bantu-speaking tribes. It is generally very healthy dog breed. "Africanis is well disposed without being obtrusive: a friendly dog, showing watchful territorial behavior. Some may have a ridge down it's back that is called the ridgeback type. Their hunting instincts and loyalty to their master and his property make them natural guard dogs without being overly aggressive. - Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species. It is a landrace. Africanis vs Airedale Terrier. Our work is not Public Domain. The name 'AfriCanis' is a junction of ‘Africa’ and 'Canis' (the Latin word for dog). Africanis have a coat that is very easy to take care of. The Africanis has a low to the average risk for obesity. Although it is a hound with a swift chase response, it is able to live in and around the homesteads in the company of livestock without ever harming it. They are medium sized dogs who are friendly, but also independent and territorial. “It is my experience that the Africanis is a marvellous pet and house dog. The above research leads us to Egypt around 4500 BC. 24–45 kgs (55-100 lbs) Height. Dogs in one region may have slightly longer ears, while those of another may not, while all the dogs of a single region will tend to be more or less similar in appearance. The strong survived to pass on their genetic traits, while the weak perished. The ridgeback types have been associated with a dermoid sinus and therefore breeding of ridgebacks is not encouraged. Black and Tan. The dog displays unspoiled social canine behavior with a high level of facial expressions and body language. The average Africanis weights 25-45 kg, with a height of 50-60cm, while females are slightly smaller. Gallant describes the Africanis in the following way: "The Africanis is the result of natural selection and physical and mental adaptation to environmental conditions, it has not been 'selected' or 'bred' for appearance.” and  "The beauty of this dog is embodied in the simplicity and functionality of its build.". Height/Weight. Review how much Africanis puppies for sale sell for below. “. Adopt a Africanis from a shelter near Redmond,WA. The current median price for all Africanis sold is $0.00. This again goes back to its evolution, in that a prominent physical characteristic that serves it well in one region may be of less use in another. African Dog, Bantu Dog, Hottentot Hunting Dog, Khoikhoi Dog, Zulu Dog, Umbwa Wa Ki-Shenzi, Copyright © 2014, EasyPetMD Inc. All Rights Reserved. Today the true Africanis can still be found in tribal areas where people maintain their traditional lifestyle. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Africa. It can be of any colour and occasionally comes with a ridgeback. Breed Weight Male Weight Female Affenpinschers 7-10 pounds 7-10 pounds Afghan Hounds 50-60 pounds 50-60 pounds Airedale Terriers 50-70 pounds 50-70 pounds It was probably during the popular dog races of the time that the migrants first encountered the Greyhound. The most popular of the African dog breeds on this list, the Rhodesian Ridgeback ranked 42nd on the AKC’s list of top… Gallant and Sithole spent years studying and photographing these remarkable animals near homesteads while roaming the KwaZulu-Natal. The Africanis can come in any color. They can are good pets for training, but it requires persistent work. "For centuries, the fittest and cleverest dogs survived to give us one of the rare remaining natural dog races in the world.". Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, and shampoo only when necessary. The Africanis is the original dog of Africa, a unique type shaped through the process of natural selection, not by human intervention or standardized breeding practices. To make your dog happy and fit, feed him with quality dry dog food and live an active life together. The Africanis is the real African dog - shaped in Africa, for Africa. Recently recognized by the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) as an emerging breed, the Africanis is the native dog of Africa. The strong survived to pass on their genetic traits, while the weak perished. Appearance. It stands for 'dog of Africa' and refers to the subequatorial native African dogs, namely the aboriginal dogs which for centuries have been an integral part of the life of the Bantu … A Guide to Body Condition Scoring in Dogs – Work out your dog’s body condition score, an easy and accurate way to determine if you dog is a healthy weight. "This is a very good example of what has now been recognized as a breed indigenous to Africa and particularly southern Africa. Territorial. Females: Slightly Less . Dog Breeds. They are medium sized dogs who are friendly, but also independent and territorial. 10–12 years. They are a square breed, which means they are as long as they are tall with males usually larger than females. Africanis dogs are not typically finicky eaters. The AfriCanis in the future. Very loyal and courageous, medium size to big (25 to 45 kg) tremendous stamina, very playful and intelligent. In the present day, these crosses between Africanis and Greyhound are called Ibhanzi and not considered to be a traditional dog. From this point dogs spread rapidly into Sudan and beyond through trade, migrations, and the seasonal movement of people with their livestock, which took them into the Sahara and Sahel. Dogs of various phenotypes that live in southern Africa have been given this classification. It needs no pampering or special food, the Africanis is perfectly suited to survive and thrive in harsh conditions, with minimal sustenance. Fairly healthy breed. Basenjis are athletic dogs, and deceptively powerful for their size. Ironically the Africanis, a breed that has been around for centuries is  recognized today by the the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) as an emerging breed. The Africanis dog is a breed that is indigenous to the African continent, the Africanis or African Dog is “THE” hunting dogs of Africa. Ask an expert. Most tend to appear more long than tall; a possible adaptation for speed, these dogs tend be active and may or may not have a taller ridge of hair down the center of the back. Hundreds of years of evolution and genetic diversity have helped develop a breed that is free from the congenital defects found in today’s purebred dogs; it’s immune system has even developed so far as to help resist internal and external parasites.

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