Please review the copyright information in the series notes before sharing. To construct the index, we perform month-by-month searches of each paper, starting in January of 1900, for terms related to economic and policy uncertainty. Building on Baker, Bloom and Davis (2016), I construct a monthly index of Global Economic Policy Uncertainty (GEPU) from January 1997. Chart 5: Global economic policy uncertainty, Jan. 2005 – Aug. 2019 (index, average 1997-2015=100) Source: The results from the rm-level and aggregate time series analysis predict roughly similar e ects of unexpected increases in trade policy uncertainty on investment. (2016), we find evidence of a significant negative relationship in the US between domestic business investment and the level of uncertainty associated with future trade Our first component is an index of search results from 10 large newspapers (USA Today, the Miami Herald, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, and the WSJ). The indices span from January 2001 to the present, at a monthly interval. Our primary measure for this index is the number of articles that contain at least one term from each of 3 sets of terms. Figure 1 US economic policy uncertainty index, 1985 to July 2019. Globally, the trade policy uncertainty index is rising sharply, having been stable at low levels for about 20 years. We then normalize the resulting series for each paper to have a unit standard deviation from January 1985 through December 2009. ... Equity Market Volatility Tracker: Trade Policy . Next, we sum the normalized values over papers in each month to obtain a multi-paper index. 22740 October 2016 JEL No. Note: The size of each bar indicates the average share of firms with positive TPU in a given sector. We use the recently created monthly Interest Rate Uncertainty measure, to investigate monetary policy uncertainty across the US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Canada, and Sweden in both the time and frequency domains. We are performing both human and computer audits of historical news articles across a number of newspapers in this sample in order to best characterize changing levels of news coverage of economic policy uncertainty. The index shows increased uncertainty starting around the third quarter of 2018, coinciding with a heavily publicized series of tariff increases by the United States and China. Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports, no. The US daily version of this index reflects the frequency of newspaper articles with one or more terms about “economics,” “policy” and “uncertainty” in roughly 2,000 US newspapers. The NewsBank Access World News database contains the archives of thousands of newspapers and other news sources from across the globe. A new monthly index of Economic Policy Uncertainty for China in 2000–2018 is constructed. Two overlapping sets of newspapers are used in this (still-preliminary) series. The China EPU monthly index starts in January 2000. Monthly merchandise trade values in current US dollar terms are shown for selected economies in Chart 6 below. News coverage about policy-related economic uncertainty. We study the impact of international trade policy uncertainty (TPU) on equity markets. Progress, so far, has been mostly made in measuring trade uncertainty in the US – the US trade policy uncertainty index of Baker et al. We find that, since 2008, economic policy uncertainty in the United States has been at a level approximately two times its long run average. This can not be undone. Gianluca Benigno . This is due to a rise in the use of keywords in the uncertainty term set around this period. Index of US economic policy uncertainty. We find that the largest spillover indices are from innovations in the country itself; however, there are some instances where spillover indices between … Our US Trade Policy Uncertainty Index is one of the category-specific Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) indexes developed in "Measuring Economic Policy Uncertainty" by Scott R. Baker, Nick Bloom and Steven J. Davis. To correct for this growth, we must normalize our index of the number of economic policy uncertainty articles. Policy uncertainty (also called regime uncertainty) is a class of economic risk where the future path of government policy is uncertain, raising risk premia and leading businesses and individuals to delay spending and investment until this uncertainty has been resolved. We update the series at ~8:00PM Pacific Time. Abstract. For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Categorical EPU page. We revisit in this note the macroeconomic impact of the recent rise in trade policy uncertainty.

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