The Husky Jerk is a on the larger end of what you want to target trout with. The lures selected below will all give out a distinctive wobble or action that will help lake trout to hone in on your lures. Trophy lake trout measure 30 inches and above and weigh in at a whopping 30+ pounds. With that said, plain old white is often the best choice when choosing your tackle for trout. They also have a large range of sizes. Favorite Trout Lure #5 – Fat Spoons. More Gone Fishin. Lake Trout like small lures more than big lures. Fall lake trout fishing will generally coincide with spawning season. One of the best lake trout lures to stand the test of time the original Worden's flatfish lure has landed many a trophy trout when trolled from a boat. Lake Trout on Binsky. As well as any other pattern or color that best matches the trout’s forage. Although some people may include the Rapala's mentioned above under the category of a crankbait I tend to keep them separate. The best trout lures for lakes are always going to have a life like swim action. This minnow style lure comes in 3 different sizes and running depths. The reason they will always be there is the fact that I trust them. Although they have an incredibly odd look and shape the Flatfish lure from Worden's has a very effective swim action. The very best lure is a small Sutton Silver Spoon. The summer months is when they run deep, as much as 80 feet down during summer months to escape the warmer water. Trolling in the summer months is all about depth. Best Lake Trout Lures for Your Tackle Box. Gear. When lake trout are staying deep in the water column and ignoring other lures the wobble of a slow moving spoon can be enough to tempt them to strike. If this fails to get a strike the next approach is to actively troll them a little too deep which results in the lure bouncing off the bottom. The Best 10 Trout Lures -Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Bull Trout. However, you can also get some that have a printed pattern on them. Jigging’s erratic motion mimics wounded fish and is a tried-and-true method. There are situations when lure style is the biggest key. The best approach is to tune the lure and the boat speed before you let out your line fully. Call us at 800-663-8641 to book your next amazing fishing trip. Another popular option is to bounce a flat fish lure off the bottom right on the shallow side of a drop off or if you can right where a warmer column of water meets a colder one. Before going through each part of this technique, it’s important to first understand the context that we were fishing in and how we came across this method. There are several kinds of Point Wilson Darts available, including herring jigs, … Trolling speed can have a big impact on how the Flatfish will swim. All of our Trout/Salmon lures are rigged with single hooks to aid in … This article may contain affiliate links. Not many people have heard of this lure, because it isn’t really a lure at all. 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait, Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinner Baits Kit with 2 Tackle Boxes … However, when the Lake Trout bite is off spending some forethought on what your throwing on the end of your line can really make a … The best lure for hooking big Lakers that you failed to mention is the laker fly. When trolling you can aim to keep them a few feet off the bottom. Amazon's Choice for lake trout lures. The Spin-A-Lure by Jake’s Lures is a phenomenal lure that excels at catching browns in rivers, streams and lakes. Lighter tackle is generally needed as the visibility in shallower areas is much better. Summer is when lake trout like to head deep. Copyright text 2019 by Lake Ontario Outdoors. I know it is probably redundant to go with a spinner again in the #3 spot for favorite trout lures, but Panther Martin lures produce. Go try out a Mepps Syclops! There are 11 different species of trout in North America, and they all have slightly different behaviors and habitats that mean that different lures work differently depending on the species. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We are so confident you will love these fishing lures, they come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. When learning how to catch lake trout, it’s important to know that they prefer light lures so consider stocking up on small spinners and spoons. Lake trout have a very large mouth and will feed a lot on smaller fish in the area so matching your lures to the size of the baitfish they feed upon is a great tactic. If you are fishing deeper water then check out our post on lake trout lures to fin the best options for deeper waters and lakes. If however, you are fishing on a much larger river or intend on casting or trolling from a boat in a lake then you will need to scale up your tackle. Larger spoons, deep divers, big crankbaits and larger Rapala's will all produce big fish if trolled at the right depth and speed. As low as 2 mph or even slower. There are lots of different patterns and materials available. Mar 1, 2019 - Explore melvin harris's board "Trout fishing lures" on Pinterest. Small Cleos or a small Mepps Cyclopes are also good but you have to shorten the lead line because these lures … They have been around for decades. Nestled in the northern region of Manitoba is a body of water hailed for its multi-species trophy fishery: Lake Athapapuskow. One of the top lake trout fishing tips is knowing the best lake trout jigging lures to use. Check out our wide selection of lures for lake trout, kokanee, rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, striped bass & wiper, bass, steelhead, and salmon. To some fishermen lake trout are somewhat of a mystery. The two main brands available today are the Yakima Bait Flatfish and the Lure Jensen Kwikfish. Try out these 10 best tips to catch giant, monster, trophy lake trout. Trolling  is probably the best way to cover a lot of water. There are thousands of different colors, brands, shapes and sizes. Smaller lures are the name of the game here as they will be feeding on small minnows and other shallow water prey. One of the top lake trout fishing tips is knowing the best lake trout jigging lures to use. The best trout lures for lakes are always going to have a life like swim action. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. They are great in both deep and shallow waters. Once the ice is finished and you can get out in a boat your best bet for catching spring lake trout is to stick to somewhat shallower waters particularly those areas that feature some form of drop off. Our lake trout tube jig is a very productive lure for ice fishing or casting and even trolling in open water. Originally spoons would just have been a piece of crudely shaped copper with a single hook. The Best 10 Trout Lures -Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Bull Trout. Trout are one of North America’s favorite fish, and with these trout lures you will have no more trouble in catching them.. Examples are chartreuse, pink, orange, and even silver are all colors that can attract the attention of lake trout. ​The options above allow you to fine tune and get the lures down deeper than they otherwise would. It's all about getting out in the boat with a fish finder and finding just where exactly they are feeding. You will be surprised at the size of lures these fish can be caught with. Updated: April 17, 2019. Materials have also moved on and you will find that modern spoons have super strong treble hooks and the main body can have a lot of different textures hammered into the metal, giving a very realistic scale like appearance. Lakers will lurk in the deeper areas out of sight waiting for an opportunity to strike. They have been around for decades. There are 5 trout lures that I will always have in my tackle box. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "lake trout lures" Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Jigging is still a good option but at the greater depths you will have less sensitivity and will have to use a little more weight in your jigs. Available in a huge range of sizes and colors there is one to meet every water type. On a Monday the last time I was spontaneously on the lake with my buddy Sebastian to drag the lake trout. So you have a choice of using a downrigger, lead core line or added weight on your line to get them to the required depth. The average length of Lake trout is … The traditional colors such as copper, gold and silver are still some of the best performing options available. The only Cotton Cordell on my list of “Best Trout Fishing Lures”, it should not be underestimated. For example you wouldn't really want to troll with anything smaller than a #7 on a lake unless you are targeting fish that are really close to shallows. | 877-442-4294 Captain Ben Wolfe shows how he rigs for vertical jigging northern Michigan lake trout and salmon. Lakers will move about the water column following these temperatures with the exception of the fall spawning season when they move to the shallows. 1. Spoons. You can cast as you troll at a very low speed. This article may contain affiliate links. Three little lures that catch big trout catching the elusive lake trout lake trout lures for your tackle box favourite trout lures fishing loon top 5 best baits for lake fishingBest Lake Trout Lures Ontario OutdoorsBest Lake Trout Gear LuresBwca Lake Trout Lures Boundary Waters Fishing ForumLake Simcoe Bait TackleBest Trout Lures Rivers Streams Lakes … 99. They follow the colder water down deeper into the water column. Smaller lighter rods are the go to choice for trout fishing. Our fishing editor drops his list of the must-have baits for chasing “truck trout” or giant wild rainbows and browns. Any short of slapping them in the face will make them active. A Rooster Tail's willow-style blade has a wide rotation, creating the … Little Cleo. Brown. From finding them in deep depths, to fighting their incredible strength, lake trout offer a type of challenge that many freshwater anglers don’t get to experience often. When using a jig you have an opportunity to imitate smaller insects and crustaceans that you normally don't with trolling. Getting your lures down deep to where the fish are is a must. Lake trout are dark green in color with pale yellow spots. These freshwater fish have dark green bodies and pale yellow spots, and they love cold, deep lake water. Is fine grained control paired with a fish finder on a lake can work extremely effective. You can get some really good looking natural patterns that will imitate the natural bait fish that lake trout will feed on. They can be cast form shore or trolled behind a boat. Lake trout trolling lures all work as either attractors​ or imitators. Lake trout fishing is very different from catching browns/rainbows in rivers and streams on light tackle. Lake Trout & Kokanee Fishing Lures (Lake Trolls) The Panther Martin blades create a unique action which makes the Panther Martin Lake Trolls much more effective than traditional gang trolls. Lures for Lake Trout If you are trout fishing on a lake or open water and don’t have a boat then you need something that you can cast a good distance. Lake trout are one of the most popular fish among anglers in North America. Rapala Countdown Minnow Your two options are either trolling or jigging, with trolling being the most popular. The Spin-A-Lure by Jake’s Lures is a phenomenal lure that excels at catching browns in rivers, streams and lakes. They like the depths and they prefer cooler waters compared to a lot of other freshwater fish. So color selection really will come down to combining local knowledge combined with water conditions/weather. They tend to feed heavily right before spawning and love to congregate above and around rocky bottoms. I am sure you have heard that when the lake trout are on they are on and when they are not… their not. This Lake Trout lure list is by no means exhaustive. Whereas in larger lakes they will be found in areas where the temperature suits them, not always around any kind of structure. There is less oxygen in the water at the deeper depths and because of this they will tend to be a lot lazier. On smaller lakes they will be found in deep holes and pockets. Point Wilson Dart. Everett Lures is a small Maine business dedicated to making quality fishing products. Since lake trout feed on a number of different native species, the best lure is the one that most closely mimics their individual food preferences. Available in both floating, neutral and sinking varieties. The classic Rapala is responsible for taking huge numbers of trophy lake trout. April 29, 2019. Berkley Powerbait Floating Mice Tails. Lake trout are one of the most popular fish among anglers in North America. Kodiak Custom tube jig lead heads are balanced to swim and built tough with premium quality Mustad hooks while our soft plastic tube baits are reinforced with thick walls for added durability. Lake trout will tend to stay deep in the summer as the water temperature rises in shallower waters. By David A. See more ideas about Trout fishing lures, Trout fishing, Trout. Sougayilang Colorful Hard Spoon Spinner Fishing Lures Metal Treble Hooks Baits-5 Pcs. Best Trout Lures. Your rod and reel need to be able to match this heavier terminal tackle. Amazon's Choice for lake trout fishing lures. Lake trout get lots of time to track lures with their lateral lines overtake them. Lake trout is a favorite species for many anglers. A jig is usually worked off the bottom in small vertical movements. 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait, Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinner Baits Kit with 2 Tackle Boxes by Tbuymax. By Joe Cermele. You’ll have no problem covering water and casting far with this lure as its heavier than most traditionally trout lures. Lake trout normally don't like the warmer waters of the shallows but in the colder spring waters they will have no problems laying in ambush of smaller fish that prefer to shoal along sand and gravel bottoms.

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