Cosy Dinners For 2, Serve as a snack or starter. Vegetarian Days, Our chef of the month and Your Family magazine’s Food Editor, Margie Els-Burger, is an expert at preparing easy meals …... As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Pioneer Foods we are taking These croquettes are easy to prepare and is a version of the Italian Arancini recipe. Share the love with your family and try out this delicious classic dish. Entries for round 1 of our #C, Crazy good Korean minced beef with rice and herb salad. Quick and Easy Meals. Indian Inspired Dishes, The judges were impressed with the layers of spice “tones” in …. Bakes and Desserts, Use the leftover lemongrass rice to make a salad for the next meal. Simmer until the sauce thickens and coats the chicken pieces. The brown rice and smoked feta …. Fish rice - Food From Portugal | Great recipes from Portugal Quick and Easy Meals, Salads Only, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Minty, zesty, and deliciously crunchy to …, Dinner Parties, Irresistible served with a crunchy salad. This is a filling “end of the month” recipe. Braais, Let us know why your dish is special to you and why you chose to enter it 3. Sprinkle in the sugar and simmer on a medium heat until the tomatoes soften and dissolve into a thick sauce. Lunch/Family Meals, 15ml Cumin. Dinner Parties, Buffet Dishes, Where dietary or other information is important to you please contact Pick n Pay Customer Services if the poduct is Pick n Pay branded or otherwise the product manufacturer. The rice in every individual pack of Spekko Rice is from a single source and it is not mixed with inferior rice or other variants or varieties. Try this delicious recipe …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Meal Inspiration, Vegetarian Days, 20ml Lemon Juice. Frozen fish fillets can be used. African Inspired Meals, Easy to prepare chilli bites to spice up your festive season. This recipe is heart-warming and delicious on a chilly day. Dinner Parties, Use leftover Spekko Long …, Easy Eating, Multiply the recipe for feeding a crowd. Lunch/Family Meals, Lunchboxes, Kids love these muffins. Quick & Easy Meals. The beans and peppers add a lovely crunch. Dinner Parties, Lunch/Family Meals, 15ml Ground Coriander. Go on, try them for yourself! Dinner, Quick & Easy Meals, Use a mixture of calamari and prawns for this dish. Easy Eating, Vegetarian Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, It is commonly used to flavour seafood …, This recipe is from Mari-Louse Guy and her brother, Callie Maritz\’s new cook book Een Pot Pan Bakplaat / One …. Dinner, Sunday Best, Easy Eating, These rice chilli bites are perfect for lunchboxes or to serve as snacks with drinks. Soups and Salads. Easy Eating, Quick and Easy Meals, Try this fun variation of the good ‘ol pancake. Feasts and Catering, …, Brunches, Sunday Best. Brunches, Lunch/Family Meals, African Inspired Meals, Vegetarian Meals. Quick & Easy Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, There are Italian meatballs, Greek meatballs and Turkish meatballs. Braais, Dinner Parties, Buffet Dishes, Recipes. Quick & Easy Meals. Strain the tamarind and use your fingertips to remove the pips. This fish is basted with apricot jam and fresh coriander. Brunches, A great treat for a party snack. This is an old Spekko Rice recipe that works every time. Quick & Easy Meals, An easy, after-work family dinner with a minimum of fuss and a maximum amount of flavour. Cosy Dinners For 2, It was developed for Spekko …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, spekkosa. Budget Friendly Family Meals, 2.Lightly brown the chicken thighs and set aside. With just 30 minutes to prepare, this is an ideal after work supper for two. Recipes. Easy Eating, Spekko’s exceptionally high standard of rice gives you the confidence to roll up your sleeves and get cooking. This dish goes perfectly with a roast lamb and vegetables. Dinner, Lunch/Family Meals, Celebratory meals, A real “show-off” starter for the ambitious cook. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Pioneer Foods we are taking Indian Inspired Dishes, Serve with spicy chops or chicken for the special event. Easy Eating, 1 Medium Onion, finely chopped. Recipes, Lunch/Family Meals, For the next school holiday, try this wallet saving activity with …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, This version of the Thai classic prawn fried rice includes roasted cashew nuts, currants and peas. Dinner Parties, Snacks, Vegetarian Meals. Vegetarian Meals, This dish from Johnny Hammna\’s first cookbook EEN MAAL is best served with the butter chicken from the same book. Meal Inspiration, Dinner, Dinner, Quick and Easy Meals, Quick & Easy Meals, It is spicy and sour at the same time. Lunch/Family Meals, There are as many versions of biryani as there are home cooks in South Africa. Prepare the rice while the duck is roasting. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Quick and Easy Meals, Brunches, Budget Friendly Family Meals, This recipe is from the cook book: World Atlas of Food, published by Map studios. Easy Eating, Buffet Dishes, Potjies, Easy Eating, Cook the rice the day before to make this quick paella. Vegetarian Meals, Dinner, This is a quick an easy curry to cook. Vegetarian Meals. Bakes and Desserts, Dinner Parties, Only buy the freshest fish when you prepare this recipe. Lunch/Family Meals, Whether you're cooking for yourself or for guests, these easy dinner recipes ensure you won't be short of ideas. Best done …, Potjies, Feasts and Catering, Your family will love this one. Lunch/Family Meals, When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add the cumin seeds. Warming Winter Menus, This easy fish soup can be made in a flash. Remove the pot from the heat if necessary. Soak tamarind in boiling water for 5 minutes. Curries, Lunch/Family Meals, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Recipes, Stock up on frozen prawn meat and vegetables. Jaco is owner and chef at …, Feasts and Catering, Quick & Easy Meals. Warming Winter Menus, Chicken is always a favourite. Dinner, This salad is refreshingly delicious on …, This spectacular salad is reminiscent of a thousand and one nights  – its minty, orangey, full of spices and garnished …. Delicious seafood creole served on Basmati rice. Cosy Dinners For 2, Try this modern variation by the much loved Jenny Morris. Warming Winter Menus, Try this delicious curry developed by Dorah Sitole. He is nuts about heritage food and is a wizard when it comes …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Dinner, Vegetarian Days, Brunches, Bursting with flavour, easy to make, and …. Quick & Easy Meals, Just one scoop is enough to satisfy your …, This was the favourite dish of Herman Lensing when Spekko interviewed him at the KKNK in 2015. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Peter won the very first Spekko Rice Cook Idol competition in KZN with this luscious rice dessert. Vegetarian Days, All uncompromising in quality and taste. Vegetarian Meals. Lunchboxes, Quick and Easy Meals. Easy Eating, Brunches, Easy Eating. Warming Winter Menus, Succulent mutton infused in a deep, rich curry sauce, with soft potatoes. African Inspired Meals, Dinner Parties, Salads Only, Bakes and Desserts, Sunday Best, Cook the ratatouille and rice before you start roasting the beef.Once cooked, carve the beef into thin …, Braais, Recipes, Forager Jaco Brand harvested the waterblommetjies used in this recipe off his neighbour’s dam. Makes for comfort eating too! Lunch/Family Meals. Curries, Try this easy and delicious Chicken Curry with Tomato & Coriander Rice for your family this coming Sunday! Dinner Parties, Bean Bake. +27 72 418 1134 The Kasmiri will become a favourite with your family as an accompaniment to braai’s or …, Cosy Dinners For 2, White Star Super Maize Meal. Dinner, Feasts and Catering, Lunch/Family Meals, To boot, it is a …. Quick and Easy Meals. Thai Inspired Dishes, This is a tribute to Indian and Vietnamese flavours. Vegetarian Meals, Dinner Parties, Lunch/Family Meals, Braais, Serve these baked tomatoes with a salad and serve with salads for an easy lunch. 15ml Tumeric. A quick an easy stir-fry to make for a family dinner. The dish is gluten free and low GI. Buffet Dishes, For a gluten free snack, replace the breadcrumbs with …, Dinner Parties, Recipes, Enjoy the spice without the burn. Easy Eating, Recipes, It looks like a million dollars – but this recipe is easy, quick and so, so seductive. Sunday Best, A show-off vegetarian dish. Enjoy this Tangy ostrich and apricot bobotie with your family! This chicken briyani bite recipe is the perfect spicy appetiser to impress any guest! Lunch/Family Meals, The bacon keeps the chicken breasts moist. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Dinner, Lunch/Family Meals, Warming Winter Menus, It is easy to make this recipe in bulk. Sunday Best, This dish tastes phenomenal and is really satisfying. Quick and Easy Meals. A perfect dish for a dinner party. He is also a passionate “twitterer”. Vegetarian Days, Zesty, full of fibre and very satisfying. Easy Eating, Healthy and delicious. Add some chopped coriander and chillies, should you want. Copyright © 2020 Spekko | All Rights Reserved, As one set of winners is crowned, our next #CookWi, Congratulations to our round 2 #CookWithHeart winn, Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen, Our round 2 #CookWithHeart finalists are here, and, Fully-Loaded Cabbage Roll-Up anyone? Spekko’s India Gate Basmati is farmed in the foothills of the Himalayas and is matured for at least 12 months before packing. Brunches, From Cariem Isaacs’ book My Cape Malay Kitchen …, Bakes and Desserts, A wholesome, filling meal to bring in the new week. Lunch/Family Meals, Vegetarian Meals, Bakes and Desserts, Try Cooking with Zanele's Spekko Rice Bobotie! Watch our handy video to learn how to make this yummy oven delight! Potjies, Pickled fish is a traditional Cape Malay dish – and now it is usually eaten during Easter celebrations. Buffet Dishes, Dinner Parties, Recipes, Quick & Easy Meals, This recipe also contains chorizo, sausage …, Breakfasts and Brunches, Dinner, Potjies, Quick and Easy Meals, This version contains stir-fried vegetables and cream. The videos include recipes, tips and hints for successful cooking, and useful ideas around cooking rice. Quick & Easy Meals, The author is celebrity chef, …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations. Vegetarian Meals, Bakes and Desserts, Easy Eating. Warming Winter Menus, It is June, and it is time for the annual sardine run along the KZN coast. This version with …, An after work dinner to make in a flash. Feasts and Catering, Try this deli, Any great curry has to start with the best ingredi, @Fatima_Sydow_Cooks' Mussels Ahkni is a delicious, Who’s ready for Round 2 of our #CookWithHeart co, We’re thrilled to announce our first round of #C, Congratulations to our Round 1 #CookWithHeart fina, Did you know that Basmati rice, like a good whiske, Last call for cooks! Lunch/Family Meals, Dinner, Pour in the tamarind mixture and simmer until the chicken is cooked through. Hemelbesem, is South Africa’s own Afrikaans hip-hop artist. It is easy to make, economical and can be …. Go on and try it! Chinese chicken stir-fry with egg served in a sensational way. It reminds one …, African Inspired Meals, Sunday Best, Breakfasts and Brunches, It is part Dutch Indonesia, with spicy flavours straight from …. This is an easy salad to make for a large crowd. Log In. Dinner Parties, Sunday Best, This Valentine’s we’re sharing recipes from around the world that we simply love! Dinner, Vegetarian Days, Bakes and Desserts, Filling and delicious – everybody will want more of this vegetarian casserole. Celebratory meals, Long, slow cooking makes this bredie perfect. Easy Eating, African Inspired Meals, Curries, Related Pages. Quick and Easy Meals, This deep-fried treat can be served as is, or powdered with sugar  – or with whipped cream. The crispy skin on the fish is the best part. Lunch/Family Meals, This baked dish is meaty and saucy and the feta crust makes it just delicious. Pack in lunchboxes for a special treat. Recipes, This tart is easy to prepare, but do make your own crust  – it makes all the difference to the …. Make it the evening before, and heat up after work. Leroux van Vuuren, a top 10 contestant in Kokkedoor Season 2, created …, A quick tasty salad for a mom on the go. Quick & Easy Meals, A great party snack. A mince dish that is fragrant, as well as hot. Kids love this chicken dish. Braais, Feasts and Catering, Kids Parties, Sebastian Newman is the resident chef for SABC 3’s Expresso Shows. The beans really stretch this dish. Kids Parties, Quick and Easy Meals. Dinner, Warming Winter Menus, Brunches, Easy Eating, This soup is easy to make and a little beef goes a long way. Lunch/Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Combine the rice and ½ tsp salt in a pot and cover with 2 cups of cold water. support our communities around the country. Feasts and Catering, Quick and easy to cook after work. Recipes, Serve this in a large …, A popular Tamil dish. Feasts and Catering, Dinner, Tastes phenomenal and looks very impressive. 15ml Curry Powder. The lamb shanks, red wine and …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Try this citrus inspired salad with a sweet touch. Sunday Best, These ribs are delightfully spicy. Easy Eating, Cool completely and remove the fat from the top before …. A salad made with Brown Rice, nuts and herbs makes a very healthy light meal or side dish. Dinner, Family Dinners, Celebratory meals, The garlic and lemon zest ads loads of flavour. Lunch/Family Meals, This channel features video clips created by or on behalf of Spekko Rice. Create New Account. Add the chorizo and bacon and fry until crisp. Roast chicken for a crowd. Vegetarian Meals, Try this fruity Moroccan inspired rice salad. Quick & Easy Meals, Spekko is proud to partner with The India Gate Basmati rice brand, which was voted best Basmati Rice in India in 2019. Lunchboxes, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Dinner, Pack as a treat in lunchboxes, or serve hot from the oven. Lunch/Family Meals, Brunches, Great cooking starts with great ingredients. Ideas, Lunch/Family Meals, KOO Food. Khaya Silingile has changed her MasterChef apron for that of Spekko Rice, to become the newest addition to Spekko’s bouquet of celebrity chefs. Quick & Easy Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Budget Friendly Family Meals, “Rys, vleis en aartappels” is a description often heard to describe a plate of good South African fare. Recipes. Cosy Dinners For 2, Salads Only, Bakes and Desserts, Easy Eating, Quick & Easy Meals, 30ml Cooking Oil. Recipes, Dinner, Hope Malau, Drum food …, This is a great Easter celebration recipe  – or just prepare for a festive family meal. Quick and Easy Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations. Lunch/Family Meals, An easy recipe for a quick family dinner. Serve as a side to a roast or braai. Dinner Parties, Recipes. Sauté for 3 – 5 seconds. “Can’t stop eating” is the phrase that comes to mind when this …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Fashion designer Cyril Naicker who cooked this at a …, Brunches, Quick & Easy Meals, Mix, bake and eat. Recipes, Recipes, This is a classic recipe for an old fashioned yellow rice. Brunches, This recipe is a winner. Lunch/Family Meals, Easy Eating, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Add cooked chicken or cold roast beef to the salad …, Lunch/Family Meals, Salads Only, Sunday Best, This recipe was inspired by Adam Tas, better now as South Africa’s “Joe Cocker”. Lunch/Family Meals, Presenter of Kasi Kitchen, Sindi Mpahwla (left) and Khaya Silinge – Spekko’s Kasi Kitchen chef. Carte blanche in the kitchen. Quick & Easy Meals, Everybody …, Dinner Parties, Easy Eating, See more of Spekko Rice on Facebook. It looks and tastes impressive. Buffet Dishes, Indian Inspired Dishes. It is spicy and great to have on a cold …, African Inspired Meals, Lunchboxes, Recipes. Easy Eating, Easy Eating, Quick & Easy Meals, Try this for your kids, they’ll love it! Perfectly served with Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice, Feasts and Catering, Feasts and Catering, Recipes, Breakfasts and Brunches, Lunch/Family Meals, Tandoori and garam masala lend delicious flavours to this one-pot recipe, with a rich, flavorful sauce for dipping naan and …. Salads Only. Lunch/Family Meals, Quick and Easy Meals. This recipe goes a long way and the mix of the peanuts and chilli pleases. Brunches, Kids Parties, Serve these tortillas with a crispy purple slaw and sriracha glaze. Make extra apple, honey and mustard sauce if your guests like gravy with their roast. As the school holidays are here, why not get the excited kiddies together and try this fun, and very yummy …, In every culture there is a version of the classic meatball. Good enough to eat as a meal on its own. This Thai style soup is a great winter warmer. Vegetarian Days, Buffet Dishes, Quick and Easy Meals, Hope Malau is Drum magazine’s food editor. For the sushi rice: Rinse the rice thoroughly under cold water until the water runs clear. These carrot kebabs is perfect to serve with tea or snacks at a vegetarian get-together. Lunch/Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Children love this recipe. 20ml White Vinegar. Learn how to cook our #4CupsOfLove pantry staple by watching our vid! Vegetarian Meals. Feasts and Catering, Dinner Parties, This classic one pot dish will have any meat lover going for seconds. Lunch/Family Meals, 23rd Nov 2020. It is traditionally made in …. Curries, The honey and ginger flavour combination is addictive. This recipe originally appeared in The Post newspaper. Feasts and Catering, Spekko Rice’s Kasi Kitchen . Add the chopped onions and coarse salt. Lunch/Family Meals, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Buffet Dishes, Spicy and fragrant, exotically different! Recipes, A Recipe created by Chef: Yudhika Sujanani, Quick and Easy Meals, Easy Eating, Dinner Parties, Lunch/Family Meals. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Feasts and Catering, This is perfect served on its own or …, Tm Yum soup is a Thai staple dish. Easy Eating. The wine in the recipe can be substituted with vegetable …, Ostrich is a red meat very low in fat and high in protein. Paella was the first dish I ever made for my friends John and Twanji; I packed up all my ingredients …, All Spekko Rice variants make for delicious risotto\’s.

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