Draw the upper tower and top. Whether you're new to 3D pens, or if you want to advance your Doodling skills, we have just what you're looking for. From the top of the pentagon, extend the straight, vertical line. Also, fill the base rectangles with black to make them look more real. Draw a vertical line, making it as tall as you want your Eiffel Tower to be. Easy and Beautiful Eiffel Tower Drawing and Sketches In 1889, a World’s Fair was organized at Paris which was named as ‘Exposition Universelle’ to mark the century of French Revolution. Till date it attracts lots of people from over the whole planet. It is on a high demand on the internet and that is the cause we have collected some beautiful drawings and sketches of this greatest structure. Draw a straight guide line down the middle of your paper. Now make a long rectangle … Vincent Alexander Booth. How to use a 3D pen How To Draw with a 3D Pen? I made the outline of the Eiffel Tower with a normal pencil and then filled the Eiffel Tower and the surroundings with the help of paint brushes and using water color tubes. Join the first floor and second floor rectangles with a scale and pencil as shown in picture 4. Eiffel tower is one of the most popular and greatest monuments in the world. Step 3. Well you're in luck, because here they come. First carefully erase the vertical line (made in the first step), running down the middle of your drawing. This will guide you as you continue … Jon Neidert. … It is one of French cultural symbols, and one of Paris city landmarks. It is not a perfectly straight. Draw bottom details. // ]]> Copyright © 2012 by DW Focus. The tower is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in the world, which is visited by about 6 million people every year. $20. You guessed it: black. Add to Likebox #37328354 - Vector hand drawn illustration with Eiffel tower. Paris on white background, Pray for Paris, drawing on canvas, picture dedicated to terrorist It was made via iron and it surpassed the Washington Monument world record of tallest building. Now it is time to start working on the intricate structures and patterns. Many famous artists thought that this tower was very unsafe and structurally unsound. Follow picture 10 to draw these parts and your neat Eiffel Tower picture is done. Similar Images . Required fields are marked *. Now you can also predict that the name Eiffel Tower was given after the name of this man. But unfortunately, very few people know that the original concept was given by one of the employee of Compagnie, a structural engineer Maurice Koechline. Perhaps one of the most distinct and most popular of the monuments, Paris's Eiffel tower is easy to draw. Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw the cartoon Eiffel Tower, very simple. Starting with the left-hand side: from the highest point of … ... Eiffel Tower. 7.Draw two hearts on the sides of the tower. It is on a high demand on the internet and that is the cause we have collected some beautiful drawings and sketches of this greatest structure. At the top of the line, draw a small square. But you should know that this tower was not a permanent structure of Paris, it was actually intended for temporary exhibition in the world fair of 1889. Draw grids on the second and third floors. See picture 9 to draw this part. In other words, this tutorial will not help you paint/draw an exact replica of the Eiffel Tower. Step 4. 5. Once the first floor is complete, advance to the second floor – see picture 8 to draw the second floor structure. The small cap-like structure at the top is the outline for the third floor. Fill in with X’s in the bottom legs. So finally the commission was granted to Compagnie, a consulting and construction firm which was owned by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who was also a renowned Bridge builder, Architect and Metal Expert at that time. Similar Images . //

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