Enable flow of equity from rich (the higher level consumers) to poor (the farmers, reelers, weavers etc.) Mulberry crop has less demand on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Foreign exchange earning opportunity for the developing countries. Low Gestation, High Returns 4. To enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of nanotechnology, let us first run through the good things this technology brings: Nanotechnology can actually revolutionize a lot of electronic products, procedures, and applications. This website includes study … It involves rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk, which is the yarn obtained out of cocoons spun by certain species of insects. Most countries rely on agricultural products as well as associated industries for their main source of income. Now, along with China, India is one of the leading producers of Silk. Sericulture is the cultivation of silk through rearing of silkworm. Low gestation For value added benefits such as processing and weaving. Cultivation to feed the silkworms that spin silk cocoons and reeling the cocoons to unwind the silk filament for value added advantages like process and weaving are the major activities of sericulture. Sericulture Industry is reaching new heights and is witnessing renovations on a constant basis. Advantages of Nanotechnology. 25 Advantages of Agriculture. Sericulture, or silk farming, is the cultivation of silkworms to produce silk.Although there are several commercial species of silkworms, Bombyx mori (the caterpillar of the domestic silkmoth) is the most widely used and intensively studied silkworm. Scope for Professional Training 8. Sericulture and Weaving in Meghalaya are the two most important cottage based, eco-friendly industries in the rural areas. The East India Company gave the industry a great stimulus during the latter half of the 18th century. Wayanad District, Kerala. So, the process of Sericulture is considered a tool for the economic reconstruction of rural areas. The advantages are: 1. It particularly suits to rural population working with agriculture, entrepreneurs and artisans as it requires low investment . The following points highlight the top eight advantages of sericulture. Sericulture is one of the rural-based agro industries with global reach. In India, silk plays a vital role in not just day to day life but also culture . 8. Excellence in Sericulture Science (ESS) Award, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & other Sectors, An extensive in-house review on the various activities of the ISC and the status of sericulture industry in the world. The main advantages of beekeeping are: Provides honey, which is the most valuable nutritional food. UNIT - I 1. Central Sericulture Scheme 2018-2019 – Important Information. "District Industries Centre" would be the main focus agency for promotion of small scale, village and cottage industries Sectoral Advantages Helpline No. ... Silkworm Sericulture Subsidy, Loan, How to … It received encouragement during the Moghal rule. Sericulture is a labour intensive industry in all its phases. Industries help in generating the employment opportunities for the people and in majority of the nations after agriculture it employs the highest number of people and therefore it can be said to be livelihood of many families. This report provides an exhaustive insight into the agriculture industry in India along with its various segments and sub-segments. The Government of India is hoping that through this Sarkari Yojana, they can help and build the Silk industry in the country. Some unique features of the Sericulture Sector are its rural nature, ecologically and economically sustainable activity for the poor, small and marginal farmers, agricultural labour and women in particular.

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